5 Legitimate Reasons your Business needs a mobile application

As witnessed, the usage of mobile applications have just boomed in the industry over a decade and the pace at which it has increased indeed brings infinite thoughts as to what shall be its future and where will the mobile applications ultimately lead the industry to. The experts have revealed the facts that a layman spends around 2 hours daily on mobile device.  This statistics draws out the conclusion as to why it has become important for every small, medium and big businesses to roll out the mobile app version in addition to owning website. There are several legitimate reasons that confide that your business actually needs a mobile app.

1.       Mobile App helps to promote your products and service

Going with the current consumer habits and preferences either for shopping, travelling, communicating, or for availing every small and large services, mobile application rules out to be the best platform for showcasing your products and services.  With a Smartphone in hand, mobile apps is the first thing, a user choose to go with. ECommerce have already created the potential market. Additionally, the small and medium businesses have also plunged in the mobile app market to showcase what their business offers. So, if your business is still deprived from the mobile app, it’s high time to have one.

2.       Extend your services to the mobile audience, i.e. expand the customers base

No matter you current business might be flourishing high profits with your website, but it has become an utmost important element to mark your presence amongst the users of mobile apps as the mobile industry is expanding daily by leaps and bounds and the ratio of the people converting to online purchase is also increasing. The younger generations have more contribution towards mobile search. Besides, with today’s numerous social media platform connectivity, the mobile apps help your business to expand large customer base. Not only this, there are behemoth companies whose profit has got improved by quadruple.

3.       Improved customer engagement

The mobile apps provides the users with the flexibility and mobility to perform same process like they use to do it traditionally, but now it is all over the handy Smartphone and in real-time, regardless of the location, gives them the opportunity to experience micro moments of their life and in much feasible way. Mobile application proves out to be very convenient communication channel for the user. Additionally, as and when you have new products and services, you can easily keep your customers updated with it through mobile application, which can help you in gaining the higher customer’s satisfaction and retention rate. Moreover, businesses that have ‘customer-centric’ mobile apps have proved out to be producing best engagement rates with the customers.

4.       Way to create a brand image

Having a brand increases users’ level of confidence in terms of quality and trustworthiness for products and services. It’s the human psychology to prefer the products and services from a branded outlet then from the one with no branding. Moreover, it is very essential to have a brand to survive in the cut-throat competition. A strong brand helps your business stand out of the competitors in your industry. And, mobile applications are basic building blocks to help you create a brand image in your business vertical as they directly connect you with the customers.

5.       Useful insights obtained through mobile app

Mobile apps are the doors to the heart of the customers. Having a mobile app let’s you discover huge statistics from knowing what the customers like the most from the store, their flow to navigate through the app, the age and the gender of the customer and much more. With these useful insights, it becomes very easy to track down the likes of the customers and provide them with the products and services accordingly. Mobile Apps also lets you collect customers’ valuable feedback and reviews that helps your business to harness the necessary areas. With this it lets your mobile app become a customer loving application.

Have you still not been thinking of having one mobile app for business, there are possibilities you could miss out huge potential market for you business. Come let’s connect to unleash the power of mobile apps for enhancing your business to the existing and potential customers. At ibiixo, we help your existing and your startup business to create a mobile app with cutting-edge technology, considering all the customer-centric factors and as per your target audience. Moreover, our experts would love helping you to discover the right audience for your business and all the features that helps your business differentiate from that of your competitors.