‘Content’ has already created a lot of the buzz in the industry as time and again it is proved that ‘Content is King’. However, all the content cannot easily be grasped, as there are different techniques to be implemented to juncture for different types of content. Not every piece of content proves to create a word of mouth in the industry as it may lack something somewhere. Consequently, content marketing done in right way enables you to build trusted relationships with your customers.

With a view to help you guide in conducting right content marketing, ibiixo provides a pyramid of 7 smart strategies to lead successful content marketing.

Pyramid of Content Marketing Strategy

  • Set Goal for your content

All the content being created has a specific goal set for no story is being told without the moral. The content with a specific goal touches heart of the audience. It is the smartest tool that helps you double your sales or revenue. Every content possess different goals like that for increasing sales, increasing leads, creating brand awareness, selling the product/service, drive traffic, customer retention, etc.
Set Goal for your content
Alas! Content with no goal is just a waste of time and lead you nowhere. So, just do not forget to set the goal for your next content as it of worth value.

  • Determine content strategy

Similar to goal, content should equally give importance to strategy. Content with proper strategy are easy to understand and gives valuable outcomes. For e.g. writing a document of 3 pages without any strategy delivers no value, while a content written only of 1 page but with definite goal and strategy delivers worth million dollars.
Determine content strategy
One of the report by Content Marketing Institute estimates that 53% percent of the most effective B2B content marketers have a documented strategy. Whereas, Marketers who don’t document their strategy are more likely to report that content marketing just isn’t effective for them. Hence, always build the content with strategies.

  • Identify the end-users of your content

One should always identify whom the content addresses to. Is it for your readers, customers, clients, the online digital media or anyone else? Thus, identify the end-users who shall read your content at the very initial stage before you sit to write down your content and this shall help you to interact with them efficiently and effectively.

Identify your end-users

  • Create content

The crucial part to right content marketing begins when the content is to be created. The key to successful content is to create fresh and meaningful content.

Create Content

  • Distribute and Promote content to right channels

The process to content marketing does not end with simply creating and publishing. The content that needs to be distributed and promoted to the right content distributing channels like Quora, Blogs, LinkedIn Pulse, Contently, Storify, and many more. Besides, there are various content distribution tools for different types of content. These tools are blogs, emails and newsletters to subscribers, press release, social media platforms, podcasts, demos, info-graphics, eBooks, videos, presentations, white papers and various other incredible ones.

Distribute and Promote Content

The content receives right value when distributed to right channels that increases its reach ability to right audience. Checkout how ibiixo technologies help business with promotion and marketing.

  • Track and evaluate the results

The work does not get over after promoting and distributing your content to the distribution channels. The crucial part begins after this. Tracking and measuring the results of how well your content has worked is equally important. Today every distribution tools you use for content marketing provides you the facility to track the analytics of the user.
For, eg: Google Analytics helps you track the demographics of the campaign conducted for any content. It shows how many no. of users have actually got engaged with your content.

Track and Evaluate the results

  • Iterate and grow customer retention and maintain

Analyzing the results through analytics reports will furnish you with the knowledge of the content strategy that has worked over the audience and got successful and the ones which didn’t work. Henceforth, you shall obtain thought as to iterating the same strategy in your next content use the same distributing tools and channels. This enables you to grow amongst the right customer base and maintain retention with them.

Iterate and grow customer retention


Content represent your business, company, services and products and it is very much essential to deicide about the strategy with which it will be implemented and distributed. So before you start with your content marketing, give a thought as to ‘Are you really doing content marketing in right way?’.

For any assistance regarding the right strategy for distributing your content, feel free to connect us at ibiixo technologies.