It’s hard to deny the fact how effective has the website been to the customers in the ‘Age of Customers’. Customers today have become smart and utterly web and tech savvy and are socially sound. The only thing they demand is to have a website that could meet all their demands. This implies to the every business verticals possessing customers at the center of their business. For e.g., eCommerce, travel and hospitality, finance, career and jobs, social networking, etc. Customer centric website development, enables your business to generate high sales, deliver high returns on investments and provides a number of key business benefits.

Customer centric website development can be characterized as a multi-stage process that requires the designers to foresee the consumer behavior between the thin lines of what they want from the website and how can they get it from the website, rather than compelling customers to forcefully adapt to the website.  Our proficient designers and developers at ibiixo are ‘beauty with brains’ that makes sure all the essential ingredients have been poured to your website design such that it meets the needs of your customers and prospects.

To help you deliver the best website structure, ibiixo implements below procedural flow to develop the best in class website for your business:

Here are the 8 Successful Steps for customer centric website development

1.       Idea

The first step in designing a customer centric website development is to initiate the idea behind and the purpose to which has cater the need to develop the website. So we first gather the basic data to understand your business as to

  • What is your business about?
  • What is the purpose for website development?
  • Whether you need an informative website or associate product and service selling?
  • Who are your customers and end users?

After collecting all the data, we further process it to render information that can help us to take decisions.

2.       Planning

After defining the overall goals and objectives, the next phase we move to is ‘Planning’. Now the designers carry out the planning for your business website, which encompasses a set of management and technical practices that enables our software team to draw a road map that helps them to travel towards the strategic goals and tactical objectives. During this planning phase we understand the scope, your target audience, assess the risk, the platform upon which the website is to be developed, prepare the estimates, time-frame of its development, and a series of other processes.

3.       Design

Our proficient designers further designs the architecture, the blue print of your website that enables the developers easily understand all the functionalities and features that must be tugged in the website. The design model is built with the realistic goals that can be easily traceable and the one that exactly represents the outcome of your website.

4.       Coding

Ibiixo team of immensely talented and experienced developers further put the architectural structure of your website into the codes with the best suited programming styles, languages and methods. We assure to provide the best coding structures considering the current technology trends.

5.       Testing

Once the working code is developed our profound team of testers carry out the task of executing the code to ensure it is bug free and one delivering the exact results as demanded in the test cases. Various testing series are applied from various viewpoints to ensure it generates the required results.

6.       Launch

Once the iterative process of testing gets completed, we then help you in deploying your website ensuring faultless and functional delivery of the website that enables you to kick-start with your business in the industry. Our work does not end here, our never ending support will always withstand with our customers 24 x 7 as we understand there might be situations where our technical assistance would be required to help our customers grow their business. And believe us we rightly mean it.

7.       Marketing

Once the ‘customer centric’ website is developed & launched to showcase your products and services, we help your in promoting it to the real targeted audience and grow your customer base. We believe in marketing your services in the righteous manner that actually brings prospective clients at your door steps.  Our passionate marketing team guides you in marketing over huge online and offline media platforms including the social networking platforms. With our proven SEO techniques, we ensure the website gets easily optimized to rank in the Google searches.

8.       Money

When all the blocks have been placed in the right place, ibiixo assures you can generate massive sales and a profitable business with your website. So, if you are thinking to bring startup idea to life and want customer centric website development, let’s connect to discover endless possibilities with our custom and ready made business solutions.

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