Adam, a five-year-old boy, used to go to school for education before this pandemic. However, now the scenario is different. Adam has been doing online classes while being at his home. Thus it is very challenging for the teachers and the school authorities to get enough participation from these children. However, it was not even easier in the classroom.

Thus it is high time to make classrooms enjoyable, be it virtual or physical. Now the actual question arises that how to make learning more engaging and compelling? Augmented Reality Companies can give the best answer to it. Ibiixo an AR App Development Company can build an appealing solution that aid students learn better.

Augmented reality apps in Education

In other words, AR is a new technology that can project digital objects through the electronic device on to a real surface.

Almost 80% of young people now have access to smartphones. So applying augmented reality technology in education and training is more convenient than ever before. Understanding it, so many app developers are now building apps that can serve people with education and training.

Different uses of augmented reality (AR) apps in education and training

Gradually, AR is making its place in the field of Education and Skill Training. Visuals always grab the attention of students rather than just theories. The concept of boring theories is easily understood by students if they learn it as if they are playing or watching movies.

It is impressive how AR technology is bringing massive changes in our way of learning things.

Also, check AR Companies are useful in which other sectors.

1. Augmented Reality apps in education for medical

Medical students can take their learning journey to a completely new level by taking advantage of the Augmented Reality or AR technology. It can make the classes more real and engaging.

The most prevalent example of AR apps applications are:

  • Through AR apps, it is convenient to arrange more training opportunities for the students.
  • AR apps can create a human body model. It is beneficial for medical students to learn anatomy in depth.
  • Even a medical student gets to practice surgery on virtual patients with the help of AR apps.

It can also help them to learn solely for surgical simulation. Hence, get an AR App with Ibiixo that improves the experience of medical students while their learning phase.

2. AR apps for paleontology

This particular field of study concentrates on fossil fuels and plants. AR technology can be implemented here for students or researchers. For instance, think that an AR app consists of a set of animal’s or plant’s flashcards.

Now users can scan those flashcards to see the 3D image and in-depth details of the same. Using such apps, the students can rotate; zoom in, and out the image.

3. AR apps for Maths

Mathematics is quite a difficult subject that makes students’ life monotonous. However, if it is presented with creativity, then they can be masters in numbers. Not only this but it also helps understand geometry efficiently.

Thus with the help of the AR App, users get to create arbitrary math objects to review them from any angle. It is indeed a very engaging and interactive way of learning different complex aspects of Geometry. Get an AR App with Ibiixo to transfer your challenging and boring classroom to a fun-loving and engaging.

4. AR apps for visualization and engineering design graphics

With the help of AR apps, you can apply your design to any space. Then you will have a far better visualization of your design. You can see the real-time natural lighting of your design. Even you can create dynamic stories to understand which design would look best.

For the engineers, architects, and interior designers, this AR app is handy.

5. AR apps for classroom space science

AR technology can be perfectly implemented while learning space science. Such Apps help students discover the planets in a more detailed manner in a realistic way. It can be a convenient tool for all astronomy enthusiasts. Even NASA is also using the AR technology for its mission.

NASA is using AR technology to help the scientist prepare for Mars exploration. Therefore, now the astronauts get training through AR technology long before they go for the real mission.

6. AR app for chemistry

AR can make your complex chemistry classes a lot more fun. In other words, it makes your chemistry more engaging and interactive. Firstly, you will need a cube-shaped material. Then you have to hold it in front of your mobile device camera. Then you can pick the names of the chemical elements you want to see and the atomic size of it.

You will see a visual representation of it, just like the picture. To see the chemical reaction between two different chemicals, you can bring two cubes together.

7. AR apps for military training

Training is essential in the military sector. Sometimes it is impossible to arrange a training session for every location. For such a situation, AR technology is quite an immeasurable option. Also, it can save the day. Moreover, it can also save many travel and logistics costs.

The US marines have already tested Augmented Immersive Team Trainer a few years back. They have accepted that it was advantageous, and the overall cost was not very much. Thus, it is now high time to get to an AR App that serves the army and save the nation.

More enhanced AR tools are in the process of development to facilitate military training in the coming years.

8. AR apps for manufacturing training

There is a significant skill gap in the manufacturing industry. It lacks adequately trained people. Here the solution is to develop engaging training sessions for the employees. AR apps can be of great help in this case.

By using AR apps, the employees can practice more. For the training sessions, many manufacturing companies are now implementing AR technologies to save time and resources.

Wrapping Up

It is not much far away that AR technology will become a part of our daily life. Augmented Reality Apps are the future of Education. It is already happening! Moreover, many sectors along with Education have started adopting AR Technology.

AR App Development Company like Ibiixo Technologies is always at your service for developing AR Solutions for your business. Custom Ready to Go is the best ever solution for your AR App in Education and Training. This could be the high time to discuss your requirements related to AR App. Get in touch with our experts to discuss ideas and their potential.