What is Airbnb Clone & their features?

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First of all, to understand what is Airbnb Clone, we need to know about what actually Airbnb is and their features. What is Airbnb? Airbnb is an online marketplace which connects local individuals, hosts or businessmen to tourists or travelers. It facilitates tourists by displaying different offers so that they can select best for [...]

7 Incredible Reasons To Choose Custom Software Development

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Custom software is exclusively designed software applications developed for the explicit reasons by the organizations that are tailored to meet specific needs of an organization. Such software with precise functionalities is developed by the third-party software development company. The need to such bespoke software development arises due to the inability of the ready-made, off-the-shelf software [...]

The Essential Guide To Startup Success in 2018

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The velocity at which the startups have expedited in the market is pretty soaring. Every day there we come across the news of hundreds of new startup business companies entering the markets. Out of all those startups hardly 1% of it can find permanent doors open for them in them in the industry while others [...]

How are start-ups getting bluffed by readymade clone scripts?

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Problems faced by Start-ups. We as start-up founders are “A one-man show.” We have to wear many hats and play many roles. This is the story of my service booking start-up, where I am not only the idea conceiver but a bucket full of responsibilities. I started out with organizing the company, [...]