The Government of India finally hails the initiative for women’s safety. They made it mandatory for every smart mobile phone to have a panic button and a Global Positioning System inbuilt. Only smartphones having these two in-built features are permitted for selling.

What is the driving force that lets the Indian Government to such take such initiative?

The driving force that led the country’s ministry to have such security measures is the safety and protection of women against any cases of emergencies. Few metropolitan cities are seriously facing the problems of women’s security. This led the Minister of Communications, India and IT to sign the above-cited order. He conveys his aim to such an initiative saying, “Technology is solely meant to make human life better and what’s better than using it for the security of women”. From January 1, 2017, no mobile phone can be sold without a provision for the panic button. And from January 1, 2018, mobile sets should have GPS inbuilt.”

In addition, he also explains that pressing the power button for a long or short in quick 3 successions, an emergency call is done. In feature phones without the facility of a panic button notification is there like “Press 6 or 9” to invoke emergency calls. However, the ministry has not addressed the agency that will get this panic calls.

Earlier in March 2016, the country government had anticipated the number ‘112’ for the people to dial the police, ambulance, or the fire department in case of emergency.

India is the 1st country to address women’s safety with the optimum use of the features available on mobile phones. But there are certain debatable questions that still need to address.

  • Would the smartphone feature be enough to really keep women safe?
  • Should the other countries of the world implement the same rule for women’s safety?

There are various countries where women are unreservedly not safe. To name a few we have United States, Netherlands, South Australia, Pakistan, and many others in the list. Such countries where the technology is at its best, the government can easily propose some serious provisions for women’s safety.

Today the world is undergoing the Digital era, where large no. of people are engage in smartphones for online shopping. And, to provide them with the best experience, boost mobile phones with optimizing & best features. The other usage where the smartphones are overly used is in the disruptive on-demand economy. The on-demand technology is where the people hire the pros to get their errands outsourced. With just a click of a button, customers can get the services at their doorstep like that of taxi service, grocery delivery, handyman, etc.

Will the government succeed in its initiative to women’s security with mobile phones?

The success of this initiative to women’s security largely depends upon how well the government addresses it after implementing the actions. When smartphones are utilized as a medium to deliver the best customer services, the government can really make the finest use of it to safeguard women. However, if they get succeed to address women’s security, it would set a great example for every other country of the world. So they can implement the same actions to safeguard women.

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