Online Dating has emerged as a new trend amongst the singles across the world. Since it provides a platform to discover new people of like-minded, make friendship, arrange for a date with their soul mates, it is trending more. Moreover, it helps them to discover their family members residing in the other part of the world. With this, it can be outlined that, online dating platforms have picked up the potential to be one of the leading industries to start an online business with.

According to Pew Research Center, 15% of American Adults have used Online Dating Sites or Mobile Dating Apps, out of which:

  • 12% of American adults have ever used an online dating site, up slightly from 9% in early 2013.
  • 9% of American adults have ever used a dating app on their cellphone. The share of Americans who use dating apps has increased threefold since early 2013 – at that point, just 3% of Americans had used these apps.

Pew Research Center Report on Online Dating

Image Source: Pew Research Center

Henceforth, it can be concluded that the growth rate of adults using online dating mobile apps is increasing profoundly. And, this brings one more industry for you to invest in mobile apps for the online dating industry.

What is the significance of online dating?

Online dating has received increasing popularity amongst people of every age group, starting from teens, college graduates, and adults to elderly people. The singles have found it to be the trusting and easiest mode to reach the people for friendship, love, and long-distance relationship. Online dating platforms enable them to talk and meet people online to get familiar with each other’s personalities. It helps few to come out of their fear of dating. Moreover, it does not bind you with nationality, country boundaries, religion, and creed. These benefits of online dating have created huge popularity among users.

To name a few famous online dating mobile apps in the U.S we have OkCupid, Tinder, Hinge,, etc. These apps have created a buzz in the online dating industry. What are you waiting to start a dating app like Tinder or

Why Mobile Dating Apps are trending?

There are numerous online dating websites already serving people over the web with their dating services. All these websites allow the users to post their profile over the website, browse like-minded people, and make friendships with each other. But, with the increase in the usage of smartphones, the choice of these people has also transformed with the changing mobile industry. They would rather feel more convenient to perform the same activity through the mobile app as it is more handy, flexible, and easy to go with.

Users can search and meet people at any time and from anywhere using the dating mobile apps. For instance, if the person finds leisure time from their hectic work schedule, they can directly switch to their dating mobile app. Needless to say, such online dating mobile apps are completely different from social networking platforms as they have been specifically designed for dating purposes.

The other crucial spot found to be trending with mobile dating apps is that there is a large consumer base wishing to choose free dating over the paid versions. As they think it is as the cheapest option available to discover their friends, family, and life partner. In converse to them, there are people who do wish to get premium benefits of online dating and make their dating experience more memorable.

How to build a feature-rich mobile dating app?

As online dating has already created chaos among the entrepreneurs of the small and large businessman, or startups, it is very essential to build an app that can help you drive the highest downloads. Mobile dating apps must have unique features tugged in like for instance, find your date in your neighborhood. Such unique features assembled with the basic features of online dating can help you build one of the rich mobile dating apps.

There are certain basic features that every mobile dating apps must have are:

  • Basic Profile Building with images
  • Listing of Like and Unlike
  • Private Chatting/Communication System
  • Integrating calling facility
  • Social Networking platform connectivity
  • Security against the sensitive information

Besides these, there are other essentials you must take care of while building a mobile app.

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