First of all, to understand what is Airbnb Clone, we need to know about what actually Airbnb is and its features.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects local individuals, hosts or businessmen to tourists or travelers. It facilitates tourists by displaying different offers so that they can select the best for them. Airbnb has a list of personal profiles. It also has a review system for both tourists as well as host vice versa. It has more than 3000K listing in 65K cities and 191 countries. Airbnb is loved by its visitors and getting success worldwide.

Its primary approach was only towards lodging instead of booking room in hotels. Later on, it has extended its approach to share experience and explore or book a restaurant table.
Now let’s see each and every approach of Airbnb briefly.

1. Property renting

If an individual has extra room or space in their homes, Airbnb helps them make money out of it by allowing tourists or travelers to stay there for some days. It connects a property owner (who wants to rent their homes or spare rooms) with a tourist (who wants someone’s home or spare room on rent). Airbnb is a community based online service platform for listing homes. It helps in the process of renting by dealing with people who rent their property and connect them to the tourist who needs that property. Basically, it is a place that connects the local host to the tourist. So on one side, it allows the local owner to rent their properties and on the other side, it allows tourists to have those properties on rent in a local place.

2. Sharing experiences

It is the approach to share the passion of an individual to the world. Here the host can take any tourist to the place which they like most or known by them properly. They can also take tourists to do some adventurous activities in which they are best. To showcase an individual’s hobbies, ability or proficiency without any investment is a unique approach by Airbnb. It also allows a local individual to take tourists to their dream world. It helps to connect new and interesting people. An individual can host their experience on their convenient time and earn as they want.

3. Restaurants Booking

It is the latest approach of Airbnb which allows tourists by helping them in reserving any restaurants on the go. Table reservation is done through a third-party application. Any individual can also do the reservation for a birthday party, anniversary celebration or any other special events. An individual can also online for any restaurants they want. At present, it only allows restaurant bookings for some particular areas.

What does Host App have?

Hosts can use many features to work effortlessly on the Airbnb. Here we are listing some of them:


7. Rate & Review

Host can give ratings to the tourist who stayed at their place and also write some reviews about their behavior.

What does Tourist/Guest App have?

To make tourists/ guest more engaging on the Airbnb site, they have featured wonderful facility for them. Let’s have a look at some of them

  1. Signup & login: Users can signup by filling some of their personal details like name, number, gender, email, social check-ins, etc. and then with pre-registered ids they can log in.
  2. Manage Account: Guest can have the facility to update or delete their personal details and can change their password.
  3. Chat & Push Notification: Airbnb app provides instant notification for chats.
  4. Search: Guests can search for their accommodation, experience or table booking in hotels by filtering date, room type, price, required amenities, etc.
  5. Wishlist: If presently tourist finds any property, experience or table reservation out of their budget or unavailable, they can add it to their wishlist. App sends a notification if rent falls.
  6. Payments: Guests/ Tourists can select a payment method and currency to pay for the transaction. They can view their transactions in history.
  7. Maps: Guests can check rent places or the surrounding area where they want to stay before booking.

As you have better understood now that what is Airbnb, you must be wondering what is Airbnb clone and why it is required? So let me explain you.

Airbnb Clone:

Now to understand what Airbnb clone means, we first need to have an idea about what is a clone?

Website cloning means to take the reference of some successful sites and develop a new one with unique features. Now why we take reference from other sites? It helps us to convey what we are going to develop and how it will work with additional features. It also helps any businessmen to visualize easily what they will get and what additional features they want to add.

As we know that Airbnb is a successful platform for vacation rentals, most of the businessmen use their website as a reference and make unique out of it. That is better known as Airbnb Clone or a website similar to Airbnb.

Since Airbnb is not now limited to the Vacation Rental Platform, Airbnb clone is also available with the facilities you need. In another way, it is said as a custom Airbnb Clone. If some of the developers in the market are selling readymade Airbnb clone scripts at cheap rates do not get attracted to it as it may not have the features which fulfill the purpose of your business.

So you may be thinking that what features should be available in Airbnb clone to run your business smoothly? Well, it always depends on your need but here is the list of some common features which should be included in your Airbnb Clone script.


  1. Property Listing, Experience Sharing & Hotel Reservations
  2. Attractive User Dashboards for Hosts & Guests
  3. Performance analytics reports
  4. Automated Booking Engine
  5. Flexible Pricing Module
  6. Communication Module (Internal Chat)
  7. iCal Calendar Import/Export
  8. GPS Coordinates
  9. Street View
  10. Social Sharing & Connect

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