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What is Custom Thumbtack Clone?

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Thumbtack is a very successful service provider platform, where a user can hire local services and can get quotes, verified reviews using online services on mobile apps and website that Thumbtack provides. The best part is people can use this for daily services like house cleaning, nanny services, web services, personal training, Dj, photography & outdoor landscaping to name some of them. There are numerous service categories including Business services, design, and development services, crafts, Writing, translation, and transcription, legal matters, Technical supports, etc. A user can register as a service provider to get started earning by providing services.

Custom Thumbtack Clone is a platform which provides same services as Thumbtack website and mobile applications. Thumbtack Clone is fully customizable where users can perform the complete tasks related to getting and providing services efficiently, and site admin/owner can manage the whole website and mobile apps from advanced website admin area.

With Custom Thumbtack clone by ibiixo, you can start your next online service provider business very quickly and get a unique website and mobile applications, unlike the cheap readymade scripts.

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How ibiixo develop Custom Thumbtack Clone?

If you go out to search for Thumbtack Clone, just have 2 options, 1.Readymade Solution & 2. Custom Development. Readymade solutions are never unique and a custom solution is always costly and time-consuming to develop. To solve this problem.we have designed a unique approach, “Ready to Go” Solution.

This allows us to develop custom Thumbtack clone much faster and cost effective. So, you get benefits of both custom development and readymade solution at the same time.

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Extraordinary Features in Ready to go Custom Thumbtack Clone to Run your Successful service Marketplace Business

Benefits of Developing Your Custom Thumbtack Clone from ibiixo – Service booking script by ibiixo


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Is it Worth to Start a Service Platform like Thumbtack?

Now that’s a Critical Question to address. Service booking Market is yet to flourish, and there is an enormous scope to get more returns from the similar business. If you see the success stories, you will find lot many similar businesses like bidvine, findapro, homeadvisor, TaskRabbit in many countries which are doing well.Competition in this online businesses very less compared to others.

Practically, it’s a good idea to start a service booking platform similar to Thumbtack. Get started with Ready to Go Custom Thumbtack Clone from ibiixo today!

What Business can you Start with Ready to Go Custom Thumbtack Clone by ibiixo?

You can many business verticals with our highly optimized custom thumbtack clone, here are just some of them to list.

> Business                         > Wellness

> Crafts                              > Design And the Web

> Legal                                > Personal

> Pet Care                          > Photography

> Writing                           > Repair and technical support 

Get into the list of successful businesses – Get your Custom Thumbtack Clone from ibiixo

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What We Develop

Admin Features to have in Custom Thumbtack Clone

  • Ease of Use of Admin Panel

  • Attractive Admin Dashboard

  • Rich Text Editor

  • CMS (Content Management System)

  • User Management

  • Multi Language (LTR) Management with Constants

  • Location/Region Management

  • Service Categories and Sub Categories Management

  • Request Form Management

  • Credit Package Management

  • View Payment History of users

  • Service Request Management

Common Features to have in Custom Thumbtack Clone

  • Login and Sign Up with Email

  • Connect with Facebook

  • Feedback and Review System

  • Secure & Bug-Free Release

  • Email Confirmation

  • Remember Me Option

  • Password Recovery

  • Flag Service

  • Quick Contact us Form for Users

Service Provider Features to have in Custom Thumbtack Clone

  • Service Provider Profile

  • Business Portfolio of Service Provider

  • Work Records for Service Provider

  • Ratings and Reviews Panel

  • Service notifications Based on Service Criteria’s as set by Service Provider

  • Quotes placed by Service Provider on Services

  • Credit Package Plan for Service Provider

  • Wallet for Service Provider

  • Make a Redeem Request

  • Payment History

  • Change Password

  • Manage Email Notifications Settings

Unique Features to have in Custom Thumbtack Clone

  • Private Messaging System

  • Language Selection for Users

  • System Alert Messages

  • Content or Unique Design

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Customer Stories

  • List of Popular Services

  • Help Tool Tip

Marketing & Promotional Features

  • On-Page SEO

  • Social Bookmarking

Customer Features 

  • Customer Profile

  • Requests Posted by Customer

  • Accept/Reject Quotes of Service Providers

  • Explore Service Categories and Sub Categories

  • Change Password

  • Manage Email Notifications Settings

  • Give Review and rating to Service provider After work Completion

  • Request new Service by Filling Required Details of Form

Security Features

  • Email Verification

  • SQL Secure Structure Of Database

  • Database Indexing for Fast Page Loading

Can we customize the source code?2017-01-30T10:52:04+00:00

Of course Yes, it’s your software. We develop it for you, you pay to us for that, it’s all yours

Can we run ibiixo’s clone of multiple domain?2017-03-04T11:38:08+00:00

Oh yes, software is yours so you can run it on n number of domains for your business

Do I own my website and Apps completely?2017-01-30T10:50:45+00:00

Same Answers as the previous one, yes, you own your software completely

Do ibiixo Sell Readymade Solution?2017-01-30T10:50:07+00:00

Nopes, we don’t sell readymade website or apps as we don’t believe in creating competition between our own customers by selling the same software to multiple clients

How does ibiixo ensures confidentialities?2017-01-30T10:49:28+00:00

We sign NDA for each project with our clients and further with our employees as well. This ensures you complete confidentiality of your business

How can I monitor the progress of the project?2017-01-30T10:48:57+00:00

You will receive daily updates from our automated project management system and with a live URL, you will be able to see and test the new tasks been completed.

Do ibiixo provide maintenance support?2017-01-30T10:48:15+00:00

ibiixo provides complimentary maintenance support for any web apps, mobile apps or software been developed for a specific period of time

Does ibiixo offers AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)?2017-01-30T10:47:18+00:00

Yes, ibiixo have various options of AMC based on the type of maintenance you require

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