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Custom LinkedIn Clone by Ibiixo

Does every service provider deliver a custom LinkedIn Clone development as you want?

Custom LinkedIn clone script by ibiixo helps you to start your unique professional Networking Website and Mobile Applications flawlessly. Without worrying about any technology and programming you can quick start your site with our networking script.

Custom Linkedin Clone is a platform that provides the same services as a LinkedIn website and mobile applications. Our best LinkedIn Clone script is fully Customizable where your users can get a more stable professional presence. You can also plan for features and modules which are even not there on LinkedIn and start dominating the industry. It facilitates you with the newest features for the users while your competition still uses old and dumb features.


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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the most successful Professional Networking Sites. It facilitates a huge platform for millions of professionals to get in touch with each other, exchanges their views, information, opportunity & thoughts. People use it as they can stay connected to the world of their profession and create their own professional identity. LinkedIn has one of the most sustainable business models which gets users to use most of the facilitates for free.
We know that nothing in the world is free! So to use some additional facilities in-depth, other than basic ones, LinkedIn charges an additional amount to generate a handsome amount of revenue.


To Know more about Ready to go Custom Development

Ready to go Solution

Why should you choose ibiixo’s Solution for LinkedIn Clone?

If you go out to search for Networking Script, you have two options;

1. Readymade Solution & 2. Custom Development.

We all know that by using a readymade script you can get Solution at cheap price but it will not satisfy your business needs. It may destroy your business idea. While using custom solution you can fulfill your business needs, but it is too costly and time taking process. It does not allow you to start your business quickly.

Hence we introduced “Custom Ready To Go Solution” to develop Best Linkedin Clone Script for your business. It is quick & cost-effective compared to custom development It is unique development compared to readymade scripts. Developing with ibiixo gives you complete control on your website and mobile applications to dominate the industry.

Stop wasting time and money on the cheap readymade script. Get unique and easy-going custom development with Ready to Go solution.

Some Common Features you can plan with custom LinkedIn Clone

Custom Linkedin Clone has an easy to use Admin Panel gave with rich viewpoint for the administrator to oversee distinctive modules.
The clients will not be able to post umpteen quantities of occupations.
Custom Linkedin Clone helps in making a rich searching profile for the clients to deal with their exercises as per their needs.
The clients are allowed to speak with each other utilizing Messaging System engaged with Custom Linkedin Clone.
It permits clients to seek among the tasks on the premise of arranged fragments like employment, individuals you may know, and so forth.
The clients can precisely watch his/her profile and data to check who are meeting their profile.
Users can land the recommendation of positions; they can make group pages for gatherings and organizations.
Custom Linkedin Clone is incorporated with social networking empowering login/information exchange using Facebook & Google+

Confused about what exactly is Ready to Go Solution? Stop getting bluffed by the scripts being sold in the market.

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How to Earn Revenue from custom Linkedin clone by ibiixo?

  • Job Module
    It allows corporate recruiting departments of professional companies to hire resources very efficiently and get insights into every candidate they hire.
  • Sales & Marketing
    It allows you to place ads and generate revenue from the same. Advertisement module enables you to set video, picture, and flash.
  • Subscription Plans
    Through the subscription plan, you can have access to advt. Features like InMail; so basically the primary business model of LinkedIn is Subscription Plan.
  • Learning & Development
    LinkedIn integrated Lynda as a learning and development center for all professionals who have subscription membership plans to access thousands of course.

How ibiixo develop Custom LinkedIn

You will find many Readymade LinkedIn clone scripts which plug & play only in $1000, do you think it is possible to build a site similar to LinkedIn in a thousand bucks?
Not really, right?
Readymade LinkedIn script available in the market sold as it looks like in demo or just the lesser change in the UI or minor customization in features nothing more at all. So, practically it not possible to start a business with these readymade scripts.
Of course, they are fantastic; if you want to submit it for your school project or not interested in listing your business as many professional networking sites like Meetup, Xing, Bark, etc. Mark that, the readymade scripts sold with a domain license, so the software developer always has control of your business. Due to the same reason, we do not sell any scripts for a LinkedIn clone. We provide Ready to Go Solution that gives your website and mobile application which no one else owns.

Stop Getting Bluffed by Readymade scripts. Get a Custom Ready to Go solution by Ibiixo. Talk with us to know more about Custom Ready to Go Development.

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Other useful Features you can get in Custom Ready to Go LinkedIn Clone – Ibiixo

  • Attractive Admin Dashboard
  • Group & Job Management
  • User Management
  • Skill Management
  • General Management
  • Payment Management
  • Membership Module
  • Login and Sign up with Facebook and Email
  • Social media integration
  • Email Confirmation & Password Recovery
  • Spam Option
  • Payment Gateway
  • Search Module
  • User Profile
  • Notifications & Comments
  • Post Publishing
  • Account Setting
  • Suggestion for jobs, groups, and company
  • Build Membership
  • Create Page & Send Invitation
  • Private Messaging System, Job Posting
  • On-page SEO
  • Invite Friends
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Newsletter
  • Email Verification
  • Database indexing for fast page loading
  • SQL Injection Proof coding structure

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Yes, ibiixo have various options of AMC based on the type of maintenance you require

ibiixo provides complimentary maintenance support for any web apps, mobile apps or software been developed for a specific period of time

You will receive daily updates from our automated project management system and with a live URL, you will be able to see and test the new tasks been completed.

We sign NDA for each project with our clients and further with our employees as well. This ensures you complete confidentiality of your business

Nopes, we don’t sell readymade website or apps as we don’t believe in creating competition between our own customers by selling the same software to multiple clients

Same Answers as the previous one, yes, you own your software completely

Oh yes, software is yours so you can run it on N number of domains for your business

Ofcourse Yes, it’s your software. We develop it for you, you pay to us for that, it’s all yours.

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