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Starting an online business with a mobile app is now easier with our custom clone app solution. Our Mobile App Solution helps your business to get multi-fold and build the next Big Thing! We provide custom mobile app clone scripts in the OS like Android, iOS, and Windows.

We are an expert Mobile Application Development company. Ibiixo build solutions like On-demand platforms for E-commerce, Social Networking, Delivery, Fitness, or whatever your business needs. You can get all these in one place which saves your time in organizing technologies and use it in growing your business.

The aim to develop a mobile app clone is to make your business mobile-enabled and build an application as per your required specification. We use superior features while developing an application for you to assure the best user experience. Our mobile app clone is an individual mobility solution. It can even be a combined solution with web services like Native or Hybrid App, QR Scanner Code, Ionic Framework, Standard UI Control, etc.

Our developed mobile app clone scripts are optimized for all types of devices, and different screen sizes. It helps you stay in touch with your specific audience all the time. You can even feel the drastic difference in your business after adopting our mobile application for your niche market.

mobile app clone scripts

Do you have any mobile clone app idea? Share it with us to get a solution that gets featured into TechRadar, CNET, Recode, or HuffPost.

What is Mobile App Clone?

Do you think Mobile Clone is copying other’s mobile application? YES?

You are partially correct. Actually, Mobile App Clone is to have an app like someone who is successful in their niche. It does not refer to copy someone’s app. It only works as a reference. Choose the concept of any successful business and get a similar app with completely unique features along with a new brand.

Are you wondering is it legal or not?

It is absolutely legal as we do not copy any design, source code, or structure. We develop a new custom mobile app clone based on the features, modules, and facilities you require that make it completely legal.

Ibiixo always develops a bizarre and feature-rich application that does not create competition between our clients. We do not sell any readymade scripts which usually all the company sells to all their customers. Therefore no one has chances of unsuccessful business.

Our Mobile Application Services

Ibiixo is a commencing mobile app clone company that delivers the range of solutions which includes the following:

Our skilled and capable team of developers are scalable, robust, and qualitative with the years of experience to build a dynamic application.

No one domain trick, 100% Open source, Ownership, and Yours. We build high performing and expandable application which satisfies your demand.

We are business people so we know what are your business needs. Our master coders have years of experience who can guide you well for your business.

Ibiixo does not just build a Game for users but also makes a better experience for your players that does not allow them to get out of the new world of Games.

Assist you with every aspect of the business from planning to funding. We also provide you with 24*7 support maintenance services.

Not only we build mobile app clone, but we also develop a website clone and help you with marketing & promotion for the success of your business.

If you need any updates to your current app or need to transfer your existing platform then, our team can support you with the utmost efficiency.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) team keep their keen eyes on your application from the beginning stage so, that it can be launched without bugs.

How we develop your application

Ibiixo Technologies believes in building a business, not just a website or mobile application. We know that if you search for the mobile application development or website development, you will get only two options:

Custom Solution, or  Readymade Solution

Now, custom development can give you a better solution but it takes time and is very much costly. While a readymade script is cheap but can never be a solution to run your business as you will not find uniqueness in it.

Have you ever searched for the third option?

Not to worry, as we said above we believe in business first, we are introducing the third option for your betterment a “Custom Ready To Go Solution” which has benefits of custom as well as Readymade solution.


Five Fabulous Motives to choose Ibiixo as your Tech Partner

We also build businesses and guide you on the right path if needed. Don’t just start developing whatever comes to our way. First, we analyze the market needs and capability of your business idea to develop a solution for you.

Once a script is built for you, we never show it other customers nor do we sell it. As we do not believe in creating competition among our clients. Your privacy is our priority, so we always sign NDA with you before starting your project.

Ibiixo thinks that Readymade scripts are just a couple of codes that can give benefit up to demo sessions or can run well in mid-term projects. We don’t understand why people purchase readymade scripts as it can never give you the business which you are dreaming.

We handle all technical aspects like application scalability, performance tuning, bug fixing, upload application to app or play store, etc. along with the business aspects including promotion & marketing. With ibiixo, you only need to focus on your core business as we focus on your industry & target market.

We consider the actual users of your mobile application and how they can get benefits from it. We develop an application in such a way that your users talk about it more than you.

Do you wish to stay ahead of your rival with a world-class mobile app clone that makes its space on BBC or Mashable? It is possible only with Ibiixo.

The business you can think of with Mobile App Clone Scripts

Here the list of the services, to name a few, which you can think of with Ibiixo Technologies:

Beverages Services

Learning Services

Shopping Services


Lawn Mowing Services

Massage Services

Finance Services

We are expert in our field and you will experience it from our first communication. You don’t trust us? Let’s experience it today.

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