Quality & Core Values

Our Core Values and Quality Helps your Project To Get an Extra Mile.!


Quality is highly important when it comes to software products and at Ibiixo, we strongly believe it. We maintain high quality and security at each level and are committed to creating value for our customers through our information technology services and products.


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The company’s Quality Policy

We deliver excellent products, software solutions, and services with reliable quality as per the customer’s expectation, on time. We are able to achieve it by excellence, through:

  • Follow the process that has active participation of clients.
  • Process improvement on a continuous basis based on feedbacks and self-analysis.
  • Productivity enhancement by effective leadership and smart working.
  • Processed working methodologies.
  • Our solution is prepared with a robust process which handles all kind of errors and allows a user to run application/software smoothly.
  • We use a versioning system to develop software which allows you to recall the previous version of your software.
  • Our solution is developed under the guidelines of SQL style guide which helps us maintain reproducibility and transparency.
  • With our solution, you will always have optimized web pages which helps you maintain a high rank in google page speed.

Our Core Values

Attracting and developing the best talent for our business, stretching our people and developing a “can do” attitude.

It’s never just software development with Ibiixo Technology, we believe in developing products and services which creates value for the customer and their business.

At the company, we believe in building up a personal relationship with clients and employees which helps us to have an engaging environment. It’s not just a personal relationship, we do not compromise the professional relationship.

Our team involves in the way which decreases the negative impact of society and increases the positive influence over society.

We work with Humans, and we hire Humans. Not CEO, Director, Manager, Human resources, Personnel, Candidates, Human Capital, Hires, Clients, or Customers.

We always believe in creating and exploring new things never satisfies with what we have. We don’t hesitate in asking questions and look forward to new ways.

A healthy environment comes with Trust and Sharing things openly. Victory or Failure, Goods or Bads, Data or Activities – we share all with open-mind.

We are always ready to learn new things as we think that there is no end to knowledge. We need more, we expel it.

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