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Developing on demand apps is a complicated process and developing and managing it in a right way is more complicated, ibiixo covers that for you. Developing on demand apps which are widely known as ‘Uber for X’ from scratch is long term process and is expensive too. We help you to develop custom developed Uber for X or on demand apps with our unique ready to go solution which lower down the time and cost of development.

Uberfication is gaining much popularity for startups to provide on demand services in various verticals using same business model for different industry.different industry.

Thinking Big, Planning huge, Designing Smooth and Developing fast On Demand Apps for all Industries.

Verticals we thought of – Your idea might be even better?

Custom Development For Uber X

Saving money in a business is the best thing you can do but saving money on the cost of business itself is the worst thing you can gift your business. This is what you do when you use readymade scripts for your on demand business or your Uber for X venture.

Developing Uber for X is a costly affair and it’s time consuming as well, ibiixo solves this problem with custom ready to go solution which helps you to have a custom developed platform at a much cheaper cost and even faster.different industry.

The best part of this uber Thus, you get the benefits of both readymade scripts and custom development at the very same time

Don’t know what Uber for X is?

‘The Uber for X’ is completely an app based business model where service providers and service seekers get at one place to give and take services. Customers post their needs and service providers get in touch with the customers providing the quotation, time and other needed details to get started.

Customer then selects the best service provider based on the review and rates and makes the payment online to get started. May be you have heard of this, On demand Business, that’s what exactly Uber for X is.

If not, you are at a right place.

Our target is to drive your Business from the stage of Business idea, to Business model to a successful Business

What do you want to start with?

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