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Do you wish a smooth running on-demand mobile app development for your business?

On demand mobile app development is a complicated process and manage it is far more complex. Well with the technology partner like Ibiixo, it is most comfortable for you. On demand mobile app development is widely known as ‘Uber for X Clone’. To create an on demand app from scratch is a long term process and is expensive too. Our on demand app developer provide you with unique “Custom Ready To Go Solution” for your Uber for X Clone. It decreases the developing time and cost.

Uber for X Clone script is getting much famous for the startups and provide on-demand services in various segments using the same business models for the different industry.


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Ready to go Solution

Custom Uber for X Clone by Ibiixo

Saving money in a business is the best thing you can do but saving money on the cost of the business itself is the worst thing you can gift your business.

Don’t you think so?

Now you may understand it in a better way why you should not choose Readymade uber for X Clone Scripts for your business. You must be thinking that a custom solution is also not appropriate as it increases the cost and takes much time to live your business. Yes, you are correct.
So to solve this problem, ibiixo introduced “Custom Ready To Go Solution”. It helps you to have the benefits of both Custom and Readymade Scripts. Through this solution, our on-demand app developers build your platform much quickly. Still, you can avail benefits of custom development. It gives you a cost-effective solution still includes all the features essential for your business.


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Don’t know what Uber for X?

‘The Uber for X’ is entirely an app-based business model where service providers and service seekers get at one place to give and take services. Customers post their needs and service providers get in touch with the customers providing them quotation, time and other essential details to get started.

Customer selects the best service provider based on the reviews and makes the payment online to start service. Maybe you have heard of this, On-demand Business, that is exactly Uber for X.

Our motive is to drive your business from a rough idea to a successful business model which gets listed in Fortune 500. If you want the same, Ibiixo is place for you.

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Benefits of Developing your Uber for X With ibiixo

  • Custom Development for your Business

  • Cost Effective

  • Robust and scalable architecture

  • Not Just Developers, Business People

  • Fast time to Market

  • Development + Consultancy

Various Possibilities we thought of with on-demand apps

Get your On-demand Courier service app which allows your customers to look out for the services like groceries, parcels or any other random services they want and get effortless delivery. On-demand apps provide accurate GPS and efficient management system to transport goods to your customer in their needed and stipulated time.

Uber for Courier

Various businesses need logistic and transportations to move their goods across the world via Roads, Airways, Waterways, and Railways. With our cost-effective and unique on-demand logistics and transportations app, you can expand the operational efficiency of a business.

Uber for Shipping

Start your new venture with the on-demand mechanic app which allows your customer to get a mechanic from nearby. Using on-demand mechanic app does not let your customers waste their precious time as it enables them to obtain service for their cars at their location or gets the facility of car pickup and drop.

Uber Mechanics

In the world full of stress, people do not have time to go somewhere and relax. So, the demand for massage and spa apps has risen. Get an on-demand massage and spa app that is robust, user-friendly and delivers stress service to your customers.

To get a person for services like lawn mowing, snow digging, or leaf removal is not so easy. The on-demand app for lawn mowing allows users to request for a quote, check their reviews & rates and based on that they can ask them to provide services at their convenient time.

The on-demand industry has also come up with the solutions for day to day services like carpenter, plumber, electrician, AC repairing, etc. With just the few clicks, day to day service providers can come at your doorstep and provide essential services.

Uber for Home Service

With the on-demand service industry, you can integrate the power of modern technology with Health services. Your customers can get medical assistance at their doorstep by a single click. They can also get a relevant prescription from doctors and medical equipment if needed.

Uber for Health Care

When you are busy meeting the deadlines of your client’s projects does not allow you to eat your meal. For the busiest persons, on-demand apps like food delivery are so much useful. It gives the facilities of having lunch or dinner wherever they want.

Uber for food

The on-demand industry can provide you with the hardest thing done smoothly. How? Well, we all know how hard it is to lose weight or make six pack abs. People are too lazy to go to the gym. Get an on-demand fitness app for your customers to provide the facility of getting a personal trainer at their homes.

Uber for Fitness

In today’s hectic world to wash clothes is time taking and tedious work for the people who want to invest their precious time in many other essential tasks. Using the washing machine has become traditional, and it also consumes time. So the demand for laundry apps came into existence to save people’s time.

Uber for Laundry

To get a glamorous look is right of every person, but to waste a lot of time by standing in a queue at the saloon is just not right. Get an on-demand beauty service app for the people who want their personal beautician at their home.

Uber for Beauty Service

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