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ibiixo provides the best solution for website clone which unique for every customer, which is much faster than custom development and yet it is custom development. We do not believe in ready-made platforms and we are sure you also don’t want to buy a clone which every other website is using.

Our best solutions for website clone help you to quickly launch your start-up business. You get custom developed clone with high-end unique features and modules which enable you to stand ahead of the competition. Unlike readymade scripts, you get all new website which is just developed for you based on your requirements and then too cost effective and fast.

ibiixo has made ready to go solutions for some of the most valued websites to get you feature rich unique website to start your business. The code is written in industry standard frameworks which give you actual and complete control on the customizations.

What is Website Clone ?

Website Clone! One of the most misunderstood terms in IT industry. Most of the people think that website clone is to make a copy of another website and use it for your own, obviously, that’s not what we are talking about here. Doing that is illegal and unethical.

For us and even for you, website clone is just a reference term to know the features, modules and working model of some already successful website. We develop a completely new site for you which is completely yours, developed and designed for your based on your requirements and niche. To make sure that our client’s do not create competition between themselves, each of the website clones we develop is always unique as we do not sell ready-made scripts which we sell to every customer who comes to us.

To cater this, we have developed a unique solution which is called “Ready To Go” solution which enables us to deliver custom website clone at a much cost effective and faster way. So, you get the benefits of readymade script but at the end, you get a custom website clone from us which is unique, you have all the rights, you can have your own copyright and no one else have the exact same software

We do not just give a unique design which is worthless when the coding is same, we provide complete custom development which will help you to get the attention of users and search engines as well.


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  • We are Business Minds and not just Developers. We develop considering every aspect of your business rather than just what you say

  • We never sell your clone to any other client

  • We not just handle technical aspects like website scalability, performance tuning, hosting to bug fixes, we manage your business aspects as well

  • SEO is done specifically for you based on your industry and target market, not like readymade scripts which have it same for every customer

  • With Us, you just need to manage your core business and not the technical part, we support you, always

We are experts in the field and you will experience that from the very first communication you have with us.

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