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Every second, more than $10,000 is spent online in the United States. This figure is increasing at a rapid rate too. While this figure is still nowhere near the amount of money spent offline. It is, almost certainly, a figure which you can’t turn your nose up. It is why, no matter the size of your company, you should look into ecommerce platform development.


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You are in the correct place. To set up an eCommerce platform b2b, you have to look for the help of experts and professionals who are in this business for quite a long while. Ibiixo, a very much perceived company of ecommerce platform development services, that helps to make your ecommerce marketplace achieve tremendous growht around the world.

To create ecommerce website, you require a fully focused and experienced best-in-class solution provider of ecommerce platform development. With a team of specialists under one roof, ibiixo delivers a creative ecommerce platform for b2b development. We have changed the buying experience with features that can say a lot about your brand. We offer customized ecommerce platform development to amplify ease of use, functionality, and brand exposure.

Benefits of eCommerce Platform Development by ibiixo

Ready to Go eCommerce Solution of ibiixo can fulfill all your requirements with ease as all the modules are partially developed. It is rapid to implement your unique ideas. Various improvements and useful features will give you a complete, user-friendly solution that makes your business successful very soon.

eCommerce platform has all essentials tools to develop a productive online business from planning, marketing to funding. Built-in SEO, Social networking tools lets you promote your business and drive more clients to your business. We also avail support after completion of the project.

Users will enjoy posting, buying, and selling items on your website using any smart gadget with this fully responsive, unique design. The eCommerce platform is completely responsive, and it consequently adjusts to desktop, tablet, or cell phones for better user experience.

Different eCommerce platform comes with all the required high-end features. Ecommerce marketplace has Responsive admin panel, coordinated payment gateway, stock management, Buy-Sell options, cost-based search, and filters.

Admin will have all-around control on the website with facilities to Add, Edit, and Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews. Admin can also see the statistics for products, and customers can manage all orders.

Users will enjoy posting, buying, and selling items on your website using any smart gadget with this fully responsive, unique design. The eCommerce platform is completely responsive, and it consequently adjusts to desktop, tablet, or cell phones for better user experience.

eCommerce platform development from ibiixo is fully powered with excellent features that help you to manage, handle, control and maintain the performance with ease.

Types of eCommerce Platform B2B You Can Plan

Single Store, Single Brand

It means, for instance, products that you have created yourself, perhaps homemade sauces or something similar. It could also mean that you have sourced particular products at a brilliant rate, and you only wish to sell one specific brand. You own the store where you sell your products.

Single Store, Multi Brand

When it comes to eCommerce development, it is one of the most common types of site for which we deal. Most shops offer more than one brand, so you will, most likely, fall under this category. It is where you sell multiple products of multiple brands, and you are the only seller.

Multi-store, Multi-brand

Think along the lines of Amazon here. Plenty of products on offer, most of which are sold by retailers other than Amazon. It is a great way to make money, often passively, which is why many people provide shopping cart development in this niche. A simple funda here, you own a mall and have multiple shops rented by many sellers who sell numerous items of various brands.

Here are the extensive set of Features you would like to have your eCommerce Platform

Admin Features

  • Manage products & categories
  • Manage configurable products, e.g., different sizes
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple pricing for retail & wholesale
  • Product management
  • Product Analytics
  • Customer management
  • Order Management
  • Return & customer support

This feature can be a revenue model of e-commerce platform. Here admin can manage his commission from the back end of the website.

When an admin wants to control various shipping rate as per different region as well as countries, he uses Shipping management.
Our eCommerce shopping cart integrates with various payment gateways to acknowledge credit cards from all over the world. Make a request, and we will integrate your payment gateway necessity into an online store.

Front End Features

  • Easy Add To Cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Product comparisons
  • Product reviews
  • Pinterest “Pin It” from cart
  • Product sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram
With the help of this feature, users are allowed to manage complete details including profiles, password, notification and much more.
  • Private Messaging System gives the power of secure communication between different users to stay connected.
  • A unique feature, with this, is a specific feature for an app where users will have the facilities to share a particular product with their connections and ask for suggestions from friends to purchase the product. It is a unique feature we can plan for your app.
Wishlist of products which users plan to buy and efficient shopping cart is which gives the user a regular reminder to purchase the products.

What more is, ibiixo can considerably deliver strategic solutions for the eCommerce websites with internet marketing solutions that will shore up your standing for being the market leader. The organization and its management trust each of the sites need to align itself firmly with the business point of view and endeavors to accomplish the same. Our complete self-aware solutions convey assurance of success with measured executions.

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