Offshore Development Center

The Offshore Development Center is currently a prevalent business model to bring down expenses and raise productivity levels leveraging talent offshore. An Offshore Development Center is for the most part drew in for creating, testing, and conveying software solutions and applications offshore.

Offshore development center with ibiixo will help to set up the whole development center without worrying about legal stuff & Government Rules related to hiring resources by companies outside India according to Indian Labor Law,  employee management and financial stuff including Employment Agreement Contract which is required for dedicated and uninterrupted development process, TDS, PT and IT. This gets you out of all the legal and human resource problems as ibiixo manages it for you.

This is your stalwart team sitting at an offshore office. The Offshore Development Center mode is appropriate with unremarkable tasks or for tasks that are very much characterized and you can’t find proper talent locally – on your financial plan. The Offshore Development Center mode is by and large more cost effective than outsourcing the whole project. The team can be overseen by local, Project Leader under your directions.

Offshore Development Process :

We determine the extent of the task, functionality, deliverable, layouts, reporting, timelines, etc. are all defined in detail. After the definition stage, the work activity is performed at our development center. Center will be headed by a center manager who takes care on the processes been followed. Progress reports and deliverable are made available to the client at regular intervals.

For each of the project in the Center, you can a dedicated project coordinator who will lead the project and will extensively collaborate with your team at your office in your time zone.

End-To-End steps our Offshore Development Center follows:

  • Understanding the client’s exact requirements
  • Choosing proper resources for your team
  • Directly interacting with the client to get a better idea of needs and changes in them, if any
  • Logistics management and support planning
  • Allocation of Tasks among the accessible resources
  • Planning and Designing the initial steps of the project
  • Testing the result of the project in tandem with the client’s team
  • Successfully executing the project at the client’s place
  • Provide the obliged support for maintenance

Benefits of Offshore Development with ibiixo

  • All HR management is done by ibiixo
  • No Legal Problems or Documentation to form company
  • Full proof infrastructure for uninterrupted project flow
  • CCTV Coverage 24*7
  • We are licensed to do the Job
  • Registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
  • Secured Servers for full proof development
  • Biometric Access for every employee
  • Cost Effective and easy to manage Solution
  • Supports your time zone

How does an Offshore Development Center help your Business?

  • Envision an Offshore Development Center to be a virtual IT group of very qualified players working for you at an offshore area at a small amount of the cost you would provide for an in-house group of IT experts.
  • An Offshore Development Center offers you in concentrating more on your organization’s core value and skills to offer you some assistance with boosting your business sector dexterity with the assistance of techniques prevalent in the IT business.

ibiixo has faith in giving you complete control and provide you with the facility to screen your progressing tasks with complete supervision rights and you can associate with the staff at whatever point required through email, Instant messengers and Skype. We work for you with full core capabilities and devotion to make it a hit Project.

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