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Uber / On Demand Home Services App

With our solution, we assist you in growing your uber for home service business and serve your clients.

There is a lot of work that people are not keen to carry out on their own due to several reasons. Most of it boils down to the fact that people do not have the skills or time to clean or carry out handyman jobs. It is why an Uber for home service is a brilliant idea.

We all know what Uber is, right? It is a fantastic application that enables you to quickly get in touch with people in the local area who are willing to drive you. An on-demand home service works on the same principle. You boot up the application, tell the app what type of service you want, and you will get the service provider at your home. It is very convenient. If you are a business considering on-demand home service app, then get in touch with us to have a simple yet unique solution.


Many Startups and Entrepreneurs lead the market through Home Service Business. Do you wish to be next? Get in touch with our Expert.

Why Ibiixo for On Demand Home Service App?

We have a talented team to develop the best on demand handyman app.

Over the years, our developers have carefully analyzed the market. Many options for on demand house cleaning app development are too expensive if they are developed from scratch. Other applications are edging on the cheaper side of things, therefore, they are not customizable enough. That means it is very difficult to make your company stand out from the crowd.

Ibiixo has a unique idea to develop on demand house cleaning app. We offer a Custom Ready to Go solution for Uber for home services where a standard set of modules are already developed. It means that we can provide our service quickly and at a very affordable price. The best part is that none of these modules is skinned; only the programming work is done.

Our job is to link together all the modules, give them a lick of paint, and then you have a way-out solution to run your business. We offer the best of both, Customized and Readymade world. We can provide a custom solution with none of the extortionate costs.

How Ibiixo’s Solution for on demand handyman app is Great?

All of our applications are built to be both flawless and user-friendly for you and your customers. Our onn demand house cleaning apps are some of the ‘simplest to use’ around. Your customers will find it easy to get a service provider from your platform. It encourages them to request home services quickly & easily. You will find it easy to manage your business.

On-demand home service is fully expandable too! You will be able to add an unlimited number of categories to your application. There is even multi-user management so you can expand throughout the world if you want.

What are the Scopes for Home Service Business?

We all know how people are dependent on others for their home services nowadays; maybe it is due to their busy schedules, or sometimes they are tired, or may be helpless to do handyman jobs. The wonderful thing about offering an on demand home service is that you will never run short of clients, providing you know how to run the app. People are always in search of the best handyman apps to fulfil their daily needs. In 2018, on demand handyman service market gained growth of 30.14%. In USA, on-demand home service can hit around 800 billions dollars of revenue by the end of 2022.

You will be able to offer plumbing, cleaning, electrician, AC repairing, and other home-based services all under a single uber for handyman services app. Market yourself well, and there is no telling which way your business is going to go.

Key Features

Developing your on-demand home service app from ibiixo gets you peace of mind — some of the features included in our solution.

  • Highly Secured

Security is the primary concern, and we don’t compromise it for some features to add.

  • Lower Power consumption

With all the features in your Uber clone app, you get an app which drains low power of your phone

  • Flawless

It’s just not enough to have all the features, but more important is to have your Uber clone easy to use

  • Low Storage Consumption

The app uses less storage, less memory and can run on devices with lower configuration

Our solution is ‘Custom Ready To Go,’ which will be up and running in a short period. It enables you to get your business off on the right track.


Other useful Features you can get in Uber for Home Service App – Ibiixo

  • Business Tracking
  • Service Request Management
  • Membership plan management
  • Manage Payout options
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Location/Region Management
  • Service Categories and Subcategories Management
  • Request Form Management
  • Credit Package Management
  • View Payment History of users
  • Push Notification with Direct Reply
  • Real-time reporting
  • Multi-Language
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Customer Stories
  • List of Popular Services
  • Email Verification
  • SQL Secure Structure Of Database
  • Database Indexing for Fast Page Loading
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Manage employees
  • Social Login
  • Document Verification
  • Instant Payout option
  • Order Management
  • Stay in touch with customers
  • Face reorganization
  • Chat with customer
  • Custom Payout options
  • View Customer Ratings
  • Chat with Service Provider
  • Social Login
  • Schedule Meeting
  • Custom Order Facility
  • Reviews based on service type
  • Track Service Provider
  • Advanced Ratings
  • Custom Pricing Facility
  • Choose from multiple requests
  • On-Page SEO
  • Social Bookmarking

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