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The Property Rental Platform is a system which gets your information and builds pages and a booking system with that information. The information is generally uploaded from a Property Management System or Distribution Channel. Since there is one instance of the main code, the Property Rental platform has numerous advantages over the “one-off” model that is utilized by competitors.

A Property Rental site is a standout amongst the most strategic and important tools in the rental industries. You can count on ibiixo to create a custom property rental website that will offer you some assistance with standing out from the crowd. Online bookings are crucial for property rental companies. We are well-versed on the requirement for a property rental site design that is easy to use and attractive thus keeping potential customers on your site longer.

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Benefits of Property Rental Platform

Ready to Go solution

Ready to Go solution

Ready to Go Solutions give you proficient property rental platform that empowers you to have a database of properties for rent on your site, complete with an easy to use administrator panel to add and manage properties direct from your web browser.

Complete End to End solution

Complete End-to-End solution

Let our experts take the hassle out of building your Property Listing website. We give you complete solutions from planning, designing, development and marketing. Don’t forget about our phenomenal after sales support services for our clients and customers.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive Design

Now comes with a completely featured mobile enabled front end. We pride ourselves to being at the cutting edge of implementing the latest features to make renting property on a website a breeze.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Using a Property Rental platform takes a lot of consideration to find the one which is a good fit for your business. By picking ibiixo property rental platform, you can make sure that our platform will provide you all needed features for an ideal property rental website.

Efficient Admin Panel

Efficient Admin Panel

You will have an excellent and powerful admin panel from where you will be allowed to operate whole website from a single place. Property Rental platform by ibiixo will run seamlessly on any server or web host which is Unix/Linux based and supports PHP MySQL.

Regular Features

Regular Features

Property Rental platform from ibiixo totally customizable to make it look like it was designed specifically for your site. You will have many regular features which are enough to start your online business.



Advanced Features of Property Rental Platform

Here are the extensive set of Features you would like to have in your Property Rental Platform

Front End Features

Auto reminder

Auto reminder feature is something like it mails to user’s registered email. Email can be in form of payment reminder. Time period of the auto reminding can be set by admin itself from admin panel.

Special thing of our Property Rental platform auto reminder is the mail will be sent to the users will be on particular admin defined scheduler, otherwise it can be considered as spam email.

Property Management

Our platform is ideal for independent property agents and property rental companies. Managing with your Properties online could not be simpler than our property rental platform.

Property Type management

Create categories for your properties to make your site easier than your competitors to find properties. From admin panel you have the option to add, edit or delete any number of property types to place your property listing.

Admin Features

Strong admin panel

Make separate logins for various branches so they can add and manage properties. All user accounts are managed from the main admin account. Standard login users only have access to all the property listings.

Property Management Report

Produce a full property management report from the admin panel which has all the property information in an easy to read format to help you monitor all properties which are listed.

Manage employers

  • Employer or recruiter buys the package for feature employer
  • Before mark as active or inactive the admin contact the recruiter to send the format of images
  • Maintain the standard and featured employers
  • Maintain the employers profile details
  • Admin can mark the employer either active or inactive

These are just few features, there are number of other strong and useful features come up with Property Rental platform from ibiixo. You just need to contact us once, then we can go ahead with discussion from both ends.


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