Medical app development with electronic health records

It goes without saying that COVID brought many surprises in healthcare industry. Hence it manifest that how worthy the digital solutions are for helping the crowd.
Therefore Ibiixo is here to assist all specialist of healthcare providers with electronic health/ medical records system – EHR/ EMR.

What is electronic health records in medical app development?

The medical apps that allows to have digital database of patients and their ailments are called electronic health records ehr. Such medical app development is also know as electronic medical records emr.

mHealth app development works as an assistance for doctors since it help them diagnosis for treatment. Likewise patients can also insert their details regarding their illness and share with doctors. In other words, it is called electronic medical/ health records system as it is a digital collection of medical reports.

Get a smooth running medical app development with our custom solution.

We love mHealth app development with electronic medical/ health records as it matters most.

Our medical app development experts assists healthcare industry of all sizes to transform your physical services to digital. Because we have years of experience in developing electronic health records ehr that provides access to range of patients’ data. In addition, it includes basic vitals, medical history, ICD-10 code tours, medications, allergies, and results of tests done.

Experts at Ibiixo loves mHealth app development as healthcare is the only industry which keeps all other industry moving. Ibiixo’s custom electronic health records system can be tailored for all kind of devices to automate efficiency of your staff. With our system, your staff can boost up their efficiency in doing day to day tasks. Our apps are faster, convenient, and easiest to access for anyone.

Electronic Health/ Medical Records System with Medical App Development – WHY?

  • Age
    More often people of all ages use medical app development solutions. As per the survey, and considering COVID 19 situation, almost 83% of hospitals have adopted EHR system.
  • Demography
    People are using medical app development with electronic medical/ health records worldwide. However, Newzeland, England, Norway, Australia, USA, France, Germany, and Canada are at the top users.
  • Technology
    mHealth app development with EHR/ EMR solution are for the people who loves to stay updated. People with iOS/ Android device are top users.
  • Commission
    It is one of the way to have income from EMR/ EHR system. Therfore doctors registered on the app have to pay a commission.
  • Referral Program
    Patients can reffer to others in their group who are in need for healthcare. This can help mhealth app development with electronic medical records system to increase its users and earn more.
  • Advertisement
    Electronic medical/ health records system – EHR can allow feature listing to pharma or medical equipment companies. Therefore they can advertise their products or services as they get direct visibility to everyone.
  • Security
    mHealth app development with electronic medical/ health records have high security with its data. Patients account, conversation with doctors about their ailment, medical reports, etc. are kept secured with this platform.
  • Convenience
    Doctors can use creative way to review and diagnose patients’ electronic health/ medical records on medical apps.

What do you get on our platform of medical app development with EHR/ EMR?

    • Doctor’s Login
    • Patient’s Login
    • Medical Conditions
    • Notification
    • Doctor’s Catalog
    • Doctor’s Availability
    • Advanced search option
    • Electronic Prescriptions
    • In-App Payment
    • Review and Rating

The current market is in demand for medical app development. Are you ready to tap into a highly demanding and potential market of EHR/ EMR?

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