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Planning to jump into web world business with an innovative idea?

You are at the exact place, we help startups to get their concept live with all the needed help. ibiixo is a leading startup enabler company which has a complete structural setup ready for startups to implement their idea quite easily.

ibiixo initially helps you to do a reality check for your innovative idea by our experienced business analyst team, this makes sure that you only spend on the idea which is tested to get success, this reduces the scope failure and increases the scope of success.

We have Ready To Go solutions which will help you to get started with the business much faster.

Running a startup can be tough, it’s even tough is getting your concept validated but you don’t have to worry, ibiixo has complete startup business solutions to fulfill your needs.

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Here are some common questions you must ask yourself if you are at startup phase,

Is your idea Capable of acquiring potential users?

  • By World Stats there are more than 3 billion Internet users. If just a minor percentage observed your product or service to be the next best thing, your business could earn more in a month than you imagined possible in a lifetime.
  • Experts at ibiixo will assist you to check the potential of the idea, Business analysis team will assist you with this.
  • As an online solo entrepreneur, you need to expand your investments of time and money and online advertising can positively do that.

Does your concept solve the real problem of users?

  • Earlier, it was enough to have a website that has your company’s information including, what you do, what you offer and how people can get hold of you; something like an online brochure
  • It’s really important today to have a concept which solves one or more problems of the users. The next question here would be to know what problems your concept solves. How many users badly need your solution?
  • Today, the web holds colossal potential for reaching markets beyond your quick physical environment.

Who are your competitors?

  • This is one of the most important questions, who are your competitors? If there are many or some competitors, what’s unique in the platform which will drive users to your site?
  • The trend says, it’s good to have something new, if not, have an old concept with style.

Is it true that you are truly open for business?

  • Our site has the astounding potential to be an open way to join you with your ideal clients, 24 hours a day, everywhere throughout the world.
  • You have to ensure your shop window is welcoming and your shop door is really open. So, if you are providing any service, will you be able to have an online and offline environment to serve your customers continuously?

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Startup Business Consultancy by ibiixo

Planning and reality check

We do a complete check of your plan with our experts who have in-depth knowledge of the current market. The analysis includes both market and technical analysis needed.

With more than 2 billion internet users it is necessary to make sure that the direction you are going is proper or not.

  • The same idea can be implemented in multiple ways, It is not necessary to have a healthy investment budget when making startup, so we can help you to draw a perfect business plan as per your budget
  • Divide the funds for development, marketing, and maintenance. The second phase of planning is to divide the funds in the proper manner initially. Either it is resources or fund.
  • ibiixo has expert teams to assist you in each aspect of the business, it can be the development of software, marketing strategy or maintaining your whole business.

Design, Development Testing

Once the plan is validated, the next step is shaping your dream to reality. An efficient SDLC is followed with the next step of Designing and development with quality.

  • You can choose from our Ready to Go Solutions or custom development to complete the development
  • QA testing is the next step once the development is completed
  • After the successful completion of development and testing is completed, we get your idea live and launch it to the market

Pre-launch marketing

Pre-launching marketing can be one of the key features in your success as it communicates your vision, ethos, and approach. There are different ways to promote your products or services but it is necessary to let others know about your products and services before it gets to launch. This also helps to grab the attention of investors.


  • Analytical statistics will help us know how people will act, respond and interact on the web and app for your concept, yet they don’t let us know who those people are deep down inside.

Video creation:

  • The video should be of the utmost importance with your pre-launch marketing campaign. This helps users to easily understand your business, ibiixo Technologies has a creative designing team which can make videos to promote your business.

Sharing content:

  • It’s a known fact content is the king. Social media like Facebook, YouTube or Google Plus helps you to share the content and create an empire.

Preparing proper documents to present to investors

Financial forecast sheet and Success forecasting:

  • ibiixo can help you to build financial forecast sheets which help entrepreneurs building great revenues models and sharp strategies.
  • Providing business forecast sheet is an intense tool to test your assumptions and emphasize to enhance one or more business strategies.


  • Experts who have analyzed your project will further help you to prepare better presentations to present to the investors.

We also assist you in finding investors

  • We know exactly what is needed to make a perfect launch. We know how and what to present to the investors.

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