On demand Food Delivery App

Ibiixo Technologies provide you with the high-ended feature on demand food delivery app to connect Foodies with all nearby restaurants.

On demand food delivery app

Deliver the best meal of your town at your customer’s doorstep.

The world is becoming smaller, or it is just at the tap of your smartphones. With the booming era of technology, every sector is taking benefits of the online market. It provide services at customer’s convenient time and in their comfort zone. When every industry adopts new technologies and serving the world as per demand, then why should the Food sector stay away?

Give Your customer best, faster and increasingly advantageous alternative to satisfy their food cravings. To walk with the emerging trend of technology is essential. Foodies also demand change for eating their daily meals and the way how they get their meals. They desire to save time and get their meals at their place.

Why should you choose on demand food delivery as your business?

On demand Food delivery is not only rising the market, but it also makes its a way to stay at the top. On-demand Food startups are taking the place of restaurants as it only has pure ideology — to save time and efforts.

“Who are your rivals, and how much they are earning?”

Zomato Clone, Swiggy Clone, UberEats Clone, FoodPanda Clone, Doordash clone are some of the apps you can plan. These on demand food delivery apps have collaborate with food stores and earn high revenue.

UberEats gain 13% of the total revenue of their company from Food delivery, which is nearly $1.46 Billion. (As per News.Crunchbase.com)

If we talk about the other two well performers, i.e., Zomato and Swiggy, then people could mark tremendous growth in their business. Zomato shows its revenue raised by almost 25%, from 309 Crore to 388 Crore in the FY18-19 (As per tech.economictimes). Swiggy has also seen commendable growth in its revenue by $200 Million.


Are you Ready to Serve Foodies, the best of your town? Let’s Discuss your Unique Idea for Zomato Clone App or Swiggy Clone.


Our Custom Ready To Go Solution for on demand food delivery app development — Unique Features, Cost-Effective, and Faster Solution for you.

Why on demand food delivery app development from Ibiixo?

While searching for the On demand food delivery app development company, you might have one question in your mind: “Will you get a user-friendly solution?” As on-demand platform satisfies the need of your business, customers, restaurants, and delivery guy.

When you seek out for a better solution of on-demand food delivery app, you get two options: Custom and Readymade scripts. A Custom development provides you a unique solution but it is too expensive as well as time taking process. Readymade scripts are cheap but it never provides a unique solution to any business.

Being a leading on demand food delivery app development company, we introduce an alternative, i.e. “Custom Ready To Go” solution. It gives you an on demand food delivery app as per your demand yet at an affordable rate and super fast yet unique. Our solution has benefits for both development, and you can get an out of box solution.

With our unique solution, you can get a feature-rich app like UberEats Clone, Zomato Clone, GrubHub Clone, or any other. We can add as many features as you need which grows your business and looks distinctive from your rivals.

Scope of the Market for On-demand Food delivery App

From the last four years, around 600% blooming rate is seen in the customers and also expected to gain higher numbers by 2021. Food delivery market has rapid growth since last few years. If we talk about Zomato, they were unable to cross more than 1 Million orders per year back in 2015. In this year they cross the figure of 3 Million orders in just one Month. It is the best time for you to plan a Zomota Clone App for your business.

In the food delivery industry, about 32.6% of Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) will be seen between 2018-2025. The biggest competitor from India, Swiggy, has also gained exceptional growth in its revenue as well in food orders. Back in 2017, they had almost 78,000 orders/day, which has increased to 300,000 orders/day in 2018. It means they have seen approx — 3.85 % of growth in just a year. To plan a Swiggy Clone App for your on demand food business is a brilliant idea.

Key Features you get in on demand food delivery app

We are aware of the Market needs as we are into the business for many years. With our high-ended features, you will never end up frustrated.

  • Highly Secured Food Clone App

Security is the primary concern, so we do not compromise it for some features to add in your food clone app.

  • Lower Power consumption

With all the features in your app, you also get an app like uber for food which drains low power of your phone.

  • Flawless Food Delivery App

It’s just not enough to have all the features, but more important is to have your on demand food delivery app easy to use.

  • Low Storage Consumption

The app uses less storage, less memory and can run on devices with lower configuration

You can beat your Rivals easily with our Custom Ready to Go solution for your app like uber for food.


Other useful Features you can get in on demand food delivery App – Ibiixo

  • Manage Profile
  • Customers support
  • Stay in touch with Restaurant
  • Content Management System
  • Business Tracking
  • Service Request Management
  • Manage Payout options for all
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports
  • Service Categories and Subcategories Management
  • Request Form Management
  • Advertisement Management
  • Geolocation
  • Multi-Language Management
  • Help & Support
  • Add Menu
  • Manage Price
  • Check Instructions
  • Account Management
  • Analytic Report
  • Manage Offer
  • Customer support window
  • Manage Timing
  • Manage Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Social Media
  • Order Status
  • Help & Support
  • View Rates & Reviews
  • Email Verification
  • SQL Secure Structure Of Database
  • Database Indexing for Fast Page Loading
  • Integrated User dashboard
  • Manage User details
  • Special Request to Restaurants
  • Ingredients option in the dish
  • Doorbell request to the delivery boy
  • Don’t send cutlery option
  • Veg, Non-Veg option
  • Login via Google, Social Media or Google
  • Multiple Search Filters
  • Multiple Payment options
  • Rate and Review
  • Push Notification
  • Order Tracking
  • Re-order facility
  • Help & Support
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Orders
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Order History
  • ManageAvalibility
  • Payment History
  • Delivery Information
  • Help & Support
  • Manage Profile
  • Social Login
  • Payment History
  • Rates & Review
  • Email Notification
  • Multi-Language Management

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