On demand Logistics App Development

Move the world together through our On demand logistics App solution.
Get uber freight clone with our Quick Ready to Go Solution.

On demand Logistics App Development

Get uber freight clone from Ibiixo to run shipping business better.

Many businesses need on demand logistics and transportations to move their goods across the world via Roads, Airways, Waterways, and Railways. You can expand the operational efficiency of your logistics business with our Uber for shipping. We provide cost-effective and unique on demand logistics and transportations apps like uber freight.

Uber is a system that connects a person with a driver and allows ‘taxi services on demand.’ It is a business model that applies to most niches. on demand Logistics & shipping app could work wonders. We at Ibiixo will help you out to build uber for shipping or uber freight clone app.


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Why Ibiixo for On Demand Logistics App?

We have been working in this industry for a while now.

Several companies that offer Uber for logistic app development. However, they tend to fall into one of two groups:
1. The company provides a fully-customized on demand logistic solution. Of course, they are massively expensive.
2. The company offers readymade solution for uber for logistic, they lack customization options and have lot many problems. They are cheap, but it is unlikely to be great for your business.

Here at Ibiixo, we like to take a bit of both world. We want to offer an affordable solution, but we also want to ensure that it is custom developed for your logistic and transportation company. It is why we have asked our team to develop several different modules which do not have ‘skin’ on them. We call it custom ready to go solution.

Benefits of working with Ibiixo

Our application has been designed to make it easy for you to offer a shipping, logistic and transportation service on demand. We know that the people who are using your apps may not be well-versed in mobiles and computers, so it needs to be simple for them to use.

Uber for Shipping app will provide all user-friendly and essential features you and your customers need. It ensures that you have less headache managing your bookings, and also ensures that you can continue to offer a quality service to your clients.

Not Just the features, we develop the platform for you with our ready to go Uber For X solution and thus, it is all yours. You can run it, customize it, re-develop it, brand it, copyright and sell it the way you want.

What is the market of uber for shipping service?

Just fedex ships 3.4 million shipments on an average day. The industry worldwide is very huge. Companies need to have a way in which they can carry out on demand shipping and can’t thrive without it.
If you can target companies with your latest on demand logistic app or uber freight app, then there is an infinite amount of potential. Just target a small piece of cake form 15.5 million shipments UPS fulfills every day, you will be successful already.

Key Features for uber for shipping

Developing on demand Logistics app from ibiixo gets you peace of mind — some of the features included in our solution.

  • Highly Secured

Security is the primary concern, and we don’t compromise it for some features to add.

  • Lower Power consumption

With all the features in your Uber clone app, you get an app which drains low power of your phone

  • Flawless

It’s just not enough to have all the features, but more important is to have your Uber clone easy to use

  • Low Storage Consumption

The app uses less storage, less memory and can run on devices with lower configuration

To develop uber for shipping we use‘Custom Ready To Go,’solution. Once you have contacted ibiixo for your application development, it will be up and running in a short period. It enables you to get your business off on the right track.


Other useful Features you can get in Uber for Logistics – Ibiixo

  • Business Tracking
  • Service Request Management
  • Membership plan management
  • Manage Payout options
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Location/Region Management
  • Service Categories and Subcategories Management
  • Request Form Management
  • Credit Package Management
  • View Payment History of users
  • Chat with Service Provider
  • Social Login
  • Schedule Meeting
  • Custom Order Facility
    Reviews based on service type
  • Track Service Provider
  • Advanced Ratings
  • Custom Pricing Facility
  • Email Verification
  • SQL Secure Structure Of Database
  • Database Indexing for Fast Page Loading
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Manage employees
  • Social Login
  • Document Verification
  • Instant Payout option
  • Order Management
  • Face reorganization
  • Chat with customer
  • View Customer Ratings
  • Add multiple Payout
  • Push Notification with Direct Reply
  • Real-time reporting
  • Multi-Language
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Customer Stories
  • List of Popular Services
  • On-Page SEO
  • Social Bookmarking

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