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Education App Development Company

Ibiixo is a supplementing buddy to the legendary Educational Apps. We are taking an upward swing in the digitalization with Education App Development.

Digitize the craft of blended learning!

It’s everything about making education a successful and carefree action. Custom Ready-To-Go Educational Apps by Ibiixo have the power of bestowing information and dealing with the group drove.

The Education Mobile App Development includes a meritable way to deal with school management, remarkable learning materials, mock tests, and significantly more.

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Education Mobile App Development Services

These are the different educational niches on which we can deliver the app at the moment. Below listed are only some of the ideas. However, if you have anything else on your mind don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Since we are here to serve you a custom educational solution that helps you in delivering sessions as per your need.

  • Online Courses App Development
  • Learning Management System Development (LMS)
  • Q & A App Development

Online Courses App Development

Starting from a student to a skilled developer or an engineer, always need some guidance at each level. Therefore to build their exceptional skills, they need a platform that provides guidance to build new skills.

Additionally, lecturers, speakers, mentors, or even universities chase for the online courses app. They showcase their skills, provide admissions, and certificates to a large mass.

Online Courses App Development with Ibiixo is robust. It is also known as MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). Online courses app development is the best foundation for certified and authorized courses. The courses include interactive sessions, materials in a softcopy, recorded lectures, projects, and online exams from anyplace anywhere.

Revenue Model

For instance, you can charge a small amount of fee for all courses from the students who enroll their names on your app.

In addition, you can provide a monthly or yearly membership plan to the users for utilizing the benefit of additional features.

Also, you can charge listing fees from the authorized universities or speakers who want to list their course/ lecture/ seminar on your app.

Allow universities, colleges, schools, or coaching classes to advertise their courses or study materials with promotional fees. You can also offer them different packages with multiple features.

Features/ Modules in Online Courses App Development with Ibiixo

You can get basic ideas to add features to your online courses app for multi-level users. Similarly, we can also add more features if you need them.

  • Register/ Signup
  • Certificate Courses/Programs
  • Online Support/ Live Chat
  • Comparison Feature
  • Search
  • Corporate
  • Partnership
  • Universities/ Schools
  • Design Tools for Learning & Development Course
  • Upload Content
  • Upload Images or Videos
  • Add Demo Sessions
  • Add Fees Structures
  • Prepare & Send Certificates
  • Take Demo
  • Suggestion Box
  • Different Payment Methods
  • Explore
  • Get Certificate

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System Development is an online set of materials, editors, document/ report sharing, mock tests, and substantially more for the management of schools or colleges.

The owner of the Learning Management System (LMS) can provide a modified stage to various schools/universities. Hence, they can get top-notch features on the app.

LMS is all about customizing and simplifying the activities. Moreover, instructors, students, and administrators can modify and streamline school/ college and other activities with ease.

Check out some of the lucrative features and advantages you can have in your Learning Management System with Ibiixo.

Revenue Model

LMS owners can offer different packages to universities or schools to get an entrance to the diverse arrangement of application administrations.

You can charge fees from school/universities and permit them to utilize all the features of management for the full year.

Features/ Modules in Learning Management System Development with Ibiixo

You can get basic ideas to add features to your LMS for multi-level users. Similarly, we can also add more features if you need them.

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Database Management
  • Enrollment Category
  • Forum
  • File Management
  • Parents Access
  • Different Payment Integration
  • Dashboard
  • Text Editor
  • Event Calendar
  • Assignments
  • Track Progress
  • Live Support/ Chatbox
  • Personal Dictionary
  • List of Courses
  • Puzzles/ Quiz
  • Downloadable Study Materials
  • Competitive Exam’s Schedule
  • Personal Notification
  • Customized Panel
  • Mass Enrollment
  • User Role Management
  • Multi-Languages
  • Manage Bulk Courses
  • Simplified Plugins
  • Reports

Q & A App Development

Each Child is one of a kind just as their Questions and Answers. Even qualified people sometimes get stuck with their queries and they need answers to it.

Question and Answer Application is a platform where the students can learn, illuminate their questions, apply for exams, revise, and many more.

The center thought is to make an exceptionally intuitive online spot for students to manage the learning and sharing of information at large.

Revenue Model

You can charge fees from schools, universities, or private foundations. They have to pay you per click or per impression.

You can allow your users to have access to the app for some specific duration with subscription fees.

The application proprietor can coordinate online stores to sell instruction-related items on the application like digital books, course readings, writing material items, and considerably more.

Features/ Modules in Q & A App Development with Ibiixo

You can get basic ideas to add features to your Q & A for multi-level users. Similarly, we can also add more features if you need them.

  • Register
  • Login
  • Ask Questions
  • Most Visited Question
  • Most Asked Question
  • Sharing Modules
  • Students Ranks
  • Performer of the Month
  • Test Series
  • Challenge Friends
  • Exams
  • Live Support
  • Reports

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