Healthcare Application Development

Are you interested in helping millions in reviving their health without getting infected?
Get healthcare application development with our custom and interactive solution. As it allows you to have the fast revive in patients’ health through a virtual consultation with doctors.

Healthcare Application Development with Ibiixo

Today where connectivity is boundless, getting an online appointment of a doctor or virtual consultation is attracting millions of people. Since digitalization is becoming global, it is essential to have a mobile app development for healthcare. Hence it can prove to be lucrative for you.

To have a smooth running and user-friendly healthcare application development, we use the agile development method. Therefore it helps you revive your patient’s health in no time with all needed features.


Get a smooth running healthcare application development along with appointment booking with a doctor.

Mobile App Development for Healthcare with Online Appointment of Doctor.

While the healthcare application development, we found it tedious for doctors to maintain registers for appointments. Therefore doctors should get rid of attending calls or book the appointment manually. Hence it becomes easiest for the doctors and patients as they can book their appointment after checking the availability.

Online Appointment of Doctor with Healthcare Mobile App Development

Our custom solution assists health systems, doctors, patients, hospitals, or other healthcare providers.

  • Age
    As per the survey, we found 45% of the patients, be it of any age, love to book online appointment.
  • Demography
    We have found that European countries are widely using such online apps to make their tasks easier. But Australians, Americans, and Asians are also eager to have such platforms.
  • Technology
    Platforms to book online appointment with doctors work smoothly on android or iOS devices.
  • Membership
    Doctors can provide such facility to their patients with the assistance of their staff. Hence membership plays a vital role in online appointment with the doctor’s platform.
  • Premium Subscription
    In a premium subscription, you can charge a fixed amount of yearly fees from patients to let them enjoy premium features.
  • Feature Listing
    Allowing paid promotions to some doctors can form a good source of income on the online appointment with doctors’ app.
  • Tracking
    Nursing staff can follow up on the patients who have booked/ scheduled appointments to confirm their booking and avoid cancellations.
  • User Experience
    Book online appointment with the doctor’s app serves the patients with real-time experience of meeting doctors. Also, patients can make quick payments, and save their prescriptions or reports directly in their accounts.

What do you get with our platform of online appointment of doctor?

    • Doctor’s Catalog
    • Patient’s Profile
    • Confirmation Notification
    • GPS Setting
    • Advanced search option
    • Appointment booking/cancellation
    • In-App Payment
    • Review and Rating

Do you want to have healthcare mobile app development with the online appointment of doctors?


Do you dream of having healthcare mobile app development along with virtual doctor consultation?

Healthcare Application Development with Virtual Doctor Consultation.

Considering the situation of COVID 19, the health industry has faced many such troubles wherein physical contact may harm badly. Also, when a patient is going through unbearable pain, it becomes difficult for them to visit physically. Therefore, such circumstances open the door to building virtual doctor consultation platforms, famous as “Telemedicine Services”.

With Ibiixo’s virtual doctor consultation solution, you can have N number of doctors’ listing. As a result patients can book a doctor as per their need. As the appointment gets confirmed, patients can receive confirmation through message or email. Prescription are also sent via email or can also be store in the patient’s account.

Virtual Doctor Consultation with Healthcare Mobile App Development

Our custom solution assists health systems, doctors, patients, hospitals, or other healthcare providers.

  • Age
    People of all ages use healthcare application development with virtual doctor consultation solution. As per the survey, 60% of the patients love to book appointment virtually.
  • Demography
    People are using virtual consultation with doctors app worldwide however, Australia and America are at the top users.
  • Technology
    Platforms to book virtual appointment with doctors run smoothly with high definition camera and better voice quality.
  • Commission
    It is the way to have the income to run a virtual doctor’s consultation platform smoothly. Therfore doctors registered on the app have to pay a commission to get listed on the app.
  • Membership
    Memberships from both; doctors and patients play a vital role in the virtual doctor consultation platform. Since the location of both does not matter, they can purchase a membership to get listed or book an appointment.
  • Advertisements
    Virtual doctor consultation platform can have feature advertisement facility. Therefore healthcare industry can advertise their products or services as they get direct visibility to everyone.
  • No Boundaries
    Patients can avail the benefit of meeting expert, be it in any corner of the world. Similarly, doctors can also serve patients in need all over the globe.
  • Convenience
    Virtual consultation with doctors platform allows patients or their caretakers to book an appointment and get prescribed instantly. All done is without moving out of their comfort zone.

What do you get on our platform of virtual consultation with doctors?

    • Doctor’s Login
    • Patient’s Login
    • Confirmation Notifition
    • GPS Setting
    • Doctor’s Catalog
    • Doctor’s Availability
    • Advanced search option
    • Virtual Appointment booking/cancellation
    • Video Calling
    • Prescriptions
    • In-App Payment
    • Review and Rating

The current market is in demand for a virtual consultation with doctor’s platforms. Are you ready to tap into a highly demanding and potential market?

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