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Scope of Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented reality is the word on every tongue who talks about advancement in technologies.

The current era of smartphones and devices does a wonderful job to involve us in the new trend of digital experience. It is predicted globally, that in the coming five years, augmented reality would be one of the fast-moving markets.

Sounds interesting, right? In 1992, the first thought of Augmented Reality Development took place. At that moment this idea was to pass on the information without any hesitation to improve the efficiency of workers. Later on, the same concept was used at Boeing factories.

Ever after the scope of AR Development has grown with an advance breakthrough. AR development is not only the best development but one of the most popular categories for apps and games. It is the technology that allows any graphics to display on the physical object.


Do you wish to rise with the ever booming AR Technology and transform the way to interact with people? Ibiixo is the place for you.

Therefore, we can say that AR companies will change their way, fundamentally, of delivering digital information.

The global market for AR is expected to reach 75 billion dollars by 2023. Approx. Compound Annual Growth Rate can be 65% during 2018-2023.

Augmented Reality App Development is capable to run on every smart device which is on our hand. In fact, many of the industries who are into the digital transformation has adopted augmented reality as their digital tool. As per the Global Digital Survey of 2017 by PWC, here are the top industries where Augmented Reality Development is expected.

  • Technology Media & Telecomm – 31%
  • Healthcare – 23%
  • Retail Consumers – 31%
  • Industrial Products – 29%
  • Public Sectors – 13%
  • Hospitality & Leisure – 20%
  • Automotive – 31%

If you are thinking for investment, this could be the perfect time to step into the investment for the handsome amount of return. For you, Ibiixo is one of the best AR Companies to get your Augmented Reality App Developed.

Augmented Reality App Development Services – Ibiixo

Advance technology can help you connect with the customers easily and take your business to the next level.

  • Projection based AR
    Our AR App Development Company has years of experience in developing projection-based AR apps. It projects images on physical objects. It can be interactive or non-interactive.
  • Marker-based AR
    Ibiixo’s AR developers can bring life to applications by using Marker-based AR. Such apps detect and recognize visual markers by scanning QR codes and replace them with identical objects. These kinds of apps can identify objects with 3D representation.
  • Superimposition based AR
    If you want your customers to have a decent experience on your app, then Superimposition based AR is perfect for you. Just like maker-based AR, it also uses object recognition to replace an object.
  • Location-based AR
    Track and target your customers based on location to have tremendous growth in your business. Location-based AR can detect location through a device’s GPS, Compass and Accelerometer to get accurate location of users.

Industries We Cater to Augmented Reality App Development

Using AR technology, customers can get the benefit of the 360-degree view of a product and a 3D presentation. Users can experience virtual trial rooms.

With AR development, texts, images, video, and audio can be superimposed into the student’s environment. Some textbooks or flashcards having embedded marks can be scanned to get information in multimedia format.

In real estate business, 3D views of properties can take a business to the next heights. Customers can get the benefit of viewing the property inside out, check floors, or can change interiors of the incomplete property.

Simulative Surgeries, Physical Therapy Training, Phobia Treatment, and Equipment Simulation are all possible with AR app development. It can reduce the risk of operations.

It helps in providing extra information about products or any item to enrich the shopping experience. Also, it enables customers to get a better deal and attract them inside the stores.

To get more business and sales out of the game applications, Augments Reality App Development is a must. It lets your player experience the digital play in the environment by allowing a deep & emotional connection with a consumer.

Why Choose Us As Your Augmented Reality App Development Partner

  • Technical Ability
    Ibiixo’s innovative team of AR developers are proficient enough to bring distinct platforms together with cutting-edge technology and the latest trends.
  • Competitive pricing
    We can give assurance about worthwhile return on your investment in AR app development with us. As we only believe in delivering the quality apps which take your business at the top-notch level with an optimal return.
  • Custom Ready to Go Development
    Ibiixo has its own methodology, i.e., Custom Ready to Go Solution, to develop the AR Apps for Android, iOS and wearable devices. It allows us to develop quickly yet unique and cost-effective yet it makes you stand out of the competition.
  • Flexible Methodology
    With the years of commendable experience, and with the help of our unique “Custom Ready to Go Solution”; we develop your app with a specific timeline and hassle-free solution.
  • UNITY 5
  • XCODE 7
  • 3D Object Tracking
  • Smart Glasses Support
  • Cloud Recognition
  • Slam
  • Marketing & Promotion Advantage
  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Localization Advantage
  • Training And Maintenance
  • Builds immersive & interactive UX
  • No language barriers
  • Detailed analytics on user behavior
  • Personalized content as per user’s need
  • Strong user connection
  • Huge scope to engage with campaigns

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