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Get Uber for Laundry and Dry Cleaning app to kick-start your on-demand laundry business.

On demand Laundry App Development

The on-demand business has started expanding for home services and taking advantage of it; many startups and entrepreneurs have turned their heads into different categories. On demand Laundry app or uber for dry cleaning service is one of the many services which have made its space in the on-demand market.

With the hectic life of professionals, everyone can’t spend time on some of the services like laundry and dry cleaning; they need a helping hand for their day to day home cleaning and maintaining job

Though people are too busy, they can’t put their house untidy and dirty with their filthy clothes heaping up. They have to clean their clothes anyhow; this is the reason why uber for laundry services has significantly been on-demand.

People ring for the on-demand services most of the time as they get professionals who do their jobs in expert ways. They can get services like dry cleaning, iron, and dry press all at their doorsteps.

Its time for you to get an on demand laundry app for your business.

If you own a Laundry business or thinking to start, it is time to put your steps in the on-demand sector and walk with the emerging technology to reinvent or set up your business model. Companies like FlyCleaners, Laundrapp, and many more have already started their business with uber for laundry and realized the potential of on-demand services. It is the right time for you to start a business or take your family venture to the on-demand sector and get ready for the future.


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Why Use Ibiixo for On Demand Laundry App Development?

Ibiixo employs a team of talented developers.

Our developers have been working in the on-demand industry for a long time now. We know how expensive it can be to have a custom app development. We also know that most people do not want to go down the route of solutions that you can’t brand yourself.
Hence, most of the businesses neither want a Custom development, nor do they want a Readymade scripts for their business. To get a permanent solution, Ibiixo Technologies have introduced “Custom Ready to Go” solution, which can give you the benefit of both Custom development and Readymade scripts.
We have worked exceedingly hard on a set of modules which can be slotted together to create a laundry service on-demand application easily.

When you work with ibiixo for your on-demand laundry app development, you can have the assurance that you will end up with something affordable and functional, and at the same time showcases your brand in the best possible light. Our applications have the ability for you to add an unlimited amount of categories for your laundry service and will have the tools that you need to take on the world.

What Can You Expect from uber for laundry app developed by ibiixo?

With our custom ready to go solution, you can have unique and feature-rich on-demand laundry application. Our solution will have features like request for quotes, check rates and reviews of service providers, on-request door to door service, real-time tracking, payment estimation, payment gateway of your choice, secure communication system, advanced analytics, etc.

Our app is available on Android and iOS both platforms. It has an integrated admin console to manage your customer details as well as vendor details. Uber for laundry service app is user-friendly for all; you, your vendors, and your customers.

Your customers can have their laundry done at their fingertips. They can book for the service in just a few clicks, and can also enjoy pick up and drop facility for washing, ironing, or dry cleaning their clothes. You can manage your customers request in easy to use admin panel and respond to them as per the availability of vendors. You can also send a notification to your customers for your vendor availability.

The important cycle you follow while using our on-demand laundry app is like from searching to request, pick-up to cleaning as instructed, and drop at schedule time will immensely change your customer’s perception which does not allow them to accept anything less than VIP service.

The way in which the application is built, it gives your company the room it needs to grow. It is easier to either run as a solo laundry firm or expand into a true ‘Uber for laundry’ in the future. It will ensure that you can offer the right services to your clients.

The Scope of the Market for Laundry Business

Let’s discuss how Uber for Laundry is trending and how much on-demand laundry sector is thriving.
Earlier people use to spend a lot of time on laundry centres to wash their clothes and sometimes have to wait in a long queue for their turn. Even if people prefer dry cleaning over laundry machines, they had to come to shop for pick-up and drop their clothes, which was time-consuming too. Doing this kind of job was a waste of time for the professionally busy person, they need a person who can do their such sort of job on their convenient time and in the instructed manner.
Laundry service is one such service where many changes have seen in the recent time; from hand washed clothes to publicly operated machines, and from a physical visit at laundry shop to on-request pick-up and drop cloths. Its most comfortable way for busy people to get their clothes clean as and when they need it. Cleanly, Rinse, DRYV, Washio have started their on-demand laundry business.
With around 30,000 dry cleaners have established their business out of which 85% are just startups. Global on-demand laundry service was valued at approximately 9,358 Million USD in 2016 and expected to reach 96,155 Million USD by 2024. (As per the globenewswire)
Edaixi is one of the examples who shifted their business model to the on-demand platform to walk with the emerging era of technology and earned upto 123.2 Million USD. It is time for you to shift to on-demand market and make as much as you want.

Key Features

We are not just developers, we understand business minds too. So, with our uber for laundry app, you will not end up with frustration.

  • Highly Secured

Security is the primary concern, and we don’t compromise it for some features to add.

  • Lower Power consumption

With all the features in your Uber clone app, you get an app which drains low power of your phone

  • Flawless

It’s just not enough to have all the features, but more important is to have your Uber clone easy to use

  • Low Storage Consumption

The app uses less storage, less memory and can run on devices with lower configuration

Our Custom Ready to Go solution will allow you to run your On-demand Laundry business flawlessly. Through our ready to go solution, you can get a ready plethora of modules which do not have skin on them.


Other useful Features you can get in On-demand Laundry App – Ibiixo

  • Business Tracking
  • Service Request Management
  • Membership plan management
  • Manage Payout options
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Location/Region Management
  • Service Categories and Subcategories Management
  • Request Form Management
  • Credit Package Management
  • View Payment History of users
  • Push Notification with Direct Reply
  • Real-time reporting
  • Multi-Language support
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Customer Stories
  • List of Popular Services
  • Email Verification
  • SQL Secure Structure Of Database
  • Database Indexing for Fast Page Loading
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Manage employees
  • Social Login
  • Document Verification
  • Instant Payout option
  • Add multiple Payout
  • Order Management
  • Stay in touch with customers
  • Face reorganization
  • Custom Payout options
  • View Customer Ratings
  • Chat with Service Provider
  • Social Login
  • Schedule Meeting
  • Custom Order Facility
  • Reviews based on service type
  • Track Service Provider
  • Advanced Ratings
  • Custom Pricing Facility
  • Choose from multiple requests
  • On-Page SEO
  • Social Bookmarking

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