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Confidentiality and security of your data is the utmost importance while developing a project with an offshore development partner. At ibiixo, we strongly believe in keeping the data secured and confidential. We have all the measures in place that ensure the security of your data in our development center.

Your Data is your business and we take care of your business by ensuring that the data is secured. That helps us to have a long term business relationship with our clients like you.


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Here are some of the points that highlight the data security measures we take:

  • All workstations and servers are protected by firewalls and Antivirus software which are automatically updated.
  • Daily scanning of all workstations and servers to make sure there is no loophole in security.
  • All communication or data interchange from workstations are controlled and properly logged. It is possible only through our monitored communication channels.
  • Employees are not allowed with personal communication and storage devices in the premise.
  • Electronic card and biometric security system to get access to any place in office premises.
  • Client NDA

    We sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with you to ensure a confidential development environment. We discuss in length regarding the data security and all the necessary points with you.

  • NDA with Employees

    We also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each of our employees. We clearly mention that failing to fulfill the terms in NDA will result in legal action and will also lead to termination.

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