Restaurant Reservation System

Bring Diners and Restaurants on a single platform with the OpenTable reservation system development from Ibiixo.

Restaurant Reservation System for Restaurants – A complete Solution

The best restaurant table reservation system booking platform that assists diners to book a table in the city. It helps people in the city to avoid waiting in the queue and spend quality time with their beloved ones.

Restaurant reservation management software encourages eatery owners to deal with their table appointments online and walk-ins. The best reservation system oversees and trains staff alongside getting recorded on the diner’s search engine.

Before we built an online reservation system for restaurants we do some investigation for the global scope. Ibiixo plans element methodology that is needed while developing OpenTable Reservation System for you.

We also overhauled technical aspects, and with accurate plans and strategies, we built a powerful restaurant management system that raises your revenue.


Get your customized online reservation system for restaurants with Ibiixo if you want to be on the top in very little time.

What is the Global Value of Restaurant Reservation System by 2023?

In order to cope with the current market scenario, restaurant booking systems UK, USA, or Europe is a necessity. Restaurants face numerous changes to keep pace with changes driven by diners.

Online food delivery has changed people’s perception as they get everything at their fingertips. Nowadays, diners don’t like to wait in queues to carve their hunger. An online reservation system for restaurants is a significant investment with a high valuation.

The expected return on such investment is nearly about 20 Billion Euros by 2023. Revenue of the restaurant reservation system will show an annual growth rate of Approx. 200 Million Euros.

What did you get in the Restaurant Reservation System designed with Ibiixo?

A Trustworthy platform for all — Owners, Diners, and Restaurants.!

  • Reward from Restaurants:
    Allow restaurateurs to get registered on your online restaurant booking systems UK. It helps diners to carve their hunger. You can get a commission or an annual registration fee from restaurant owners.
  • Commission from Restaurants:
    To carve the hunger and get a better convenience, people will book a table on your restaurant table reservation.
  • Diners reward you with a Top-Rated App:
    Your OpenTable reservation system will become a top pick for diners because they can carve their hunger with their favorite restaurants. And will eventually rank in the top charts in the play store or app store.
  • Reviews from Diners will grow your app:
    An OpenTable reservation system would prove to be teamwork for you. Reviews on your restaurant table reservation system will be provided by diners to get a user-friendly experience.

Features you get in the best online restaurant reservation system

Our research team has reduced your work by bookmarking these features on your Online system for restaurants. You can manage your entire business flawlessly with these unique features. If you have any special, unique, or important feature on your head, don’t hesitate to tell us.

  • Manage Restaurant Owners, Diners, and Guest Profiles
  • Verify Restaurants
  • Approve verified Restaurants Only
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Policy Management
  • Manage Diners Reviews
  • Manage Registration Fees
  • OpenTable Bookings Management
  • Restaurant Staff Management
  • Restaurant Table Management
  • Category Management
  • Track Restaurant Performance and Diners Demand
  • Deep Analytic Reports
  • Notification Management
  • List your Table for Booking
  • Discover among diners easily
  • Get a Real-time track report
  • Tools Management
  • Table Management
  • Sync E-records of Walk-in Diners
  • Customized iPad App
  • Diner’s Review Management
  • Billing & Payments
  • Diners dashboard
  • Search for the best restaurant
  • Select Table for Booking
  • Book Table
  • Get Notification when Table gets ready
  • Earn Reference or value points
  • Can refer to History of Booking and Rebook
  • Rate Restaurants
  • Pay through App

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