Million Dollars Idea for Startups

Nowadays, any startup or business is developing an online world. Popular companies like Uber, Airbnb, Thumbtack, etc. are raising billions of dollars from an investor. You can take advantage of this popular business model and can start your own business or startup. With popular clone scripts, you can easily deploy similar business models with little modifications.

In the present scenario, custom Website & Mobile App Clones are some of the best business models for Startups. You only need to capture the good functionalities from the prevailing successful business models to make your own venture!

Clone scripts are available in both – Readymade and Custom Development. If you are actually looking for a grand startup, you must go with custom development.

Are you are looking out to start up your own business? Here is the list of some of the most profitable hyperlocal business ideas for startups within 2020…

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Airbnb is one of the most leading service providers for the rental business in the online marketplace. In their single space rental website, it offers the best vacation rental service. They connect guests & hosts for better interactions. Their main earning source is commission and service fees. Fortunately, it turned out to million dollars in a very short duration due to a unique idea for short-term online rental platforms.

Inspired by their success, many business bloomers wish to start up a business on vacation rental service. For those, you can approach the best Airbnb clone to start a business instantly. Choosing the right Airbnb clone script enables you to get started with the vacation rental business more effectively. In this competitive era, the best Airbnb clone can afford you an instant solution in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

It is a flexible customized script that is easily adaptable to your business ideas. Through the clone script, you can scale-up your business easily and reach a wider audience. If you choose the best clone script, you can mark your own trademark in the vacation rental business.

The success of Airbnb gave rise to the concept of Airbnb for X. Here you can get a customized Airbnb clone script to adopt a rental business model. The script will help you to build a website just like Airbnb, enabling people to rent parking, boats, cars, furniture, food, etc.


The success of any startup is purely based on its business model, strategies, and funding that is backed by the business. Taxi booking app such as Uber is one the most demanding and profitable businesses in the market. Uber has its best place as the topmost taxi dispatching software in the industry market. They have proved their dominance within the cab business for the past decade.

Though there are a lot of big giants in the market, still a lot of room for newcomers to gain a share in the potential revenue. Thus, many startups and entrepreneurs want to start a taxi booking business.

Startup business companies are left with two options to start their venture:

  1. Either with building a taxi booking app from scratch or
  2. Buying an uber clone script for their business.

For those wanting to replicate the success of Uber, the concept of Uber for X came to be known in the market. The businesses across many niches provide the same kind of services as uber like Uber for laundry, Uber for food, Uber for logistics, etc.

Uber Clone features a huge potential market and business model to cover within the industry. The success behind the Uber clone script gives trust to millions of entrepreneurs /startups to launch the business with Uber Clone!


Nowadays, building a unique marketplace website is a very difficult process for entrepreneurs. Recently in this present era, most people are running short of time in getting professionals. To complete the daily routines effectively they need assistance/ helping hand at a cheaper cost. There are many applications in the market that serve a local service to the customer when they want. Thumbtack is one such application which finds the professionals for you according to your requirement.

Thumbtack is one of the service platforms that create an excellent service marketplace. It helps people to hire local professionals in a smarter way. It is an online service provider platform that coordinates customers with local experts. Thumbtack is the next big step in the evolution of service businesses such as phone books and online directories.

If you are willing to commence your own startup that can face the blowing competition in the current industry you should opt for a Thumbtack clone as it is robust, reliable, credible as well as promises a good name among the people with a great customer outreach in a shorter duration. Thumbtack Clone – Ibiixo is developed with needed functionalities & features which make it a great success for startup!

These are some of the low-cost hyperlocal business ideas you can start with right away. If you think to start up a business from any of the above and the target market is big enough then kick start your business today!!


You don’t need to be a tech manufacturer to earn billions. All you need is a great idea and the right solution to get you started. The most lucrative market is the on-demand services that have caused a noticeable impact in the tech world. As mentioned earlier, convenience is the need of the hour, and people just can’t get enough of it.