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Custom Airbnb Clone by ibiixo

Custom Airbnb clone by ibiixo is an advanced flagship ready to go script by ibiixo which can cater any rental business including vacation rental, Hotel Rental, Vehicle Rental Etc. We have structured the custom Airbnb clone script is such a way that you always get unique website and apps based on your needs at an affordable price and yet it is not a readymade solution.
You got it right! We do not sell ready-made Airbnb clone which all our Customers use and create Competition among themselves; we Provide ready to go Custom solution which gives you Unique website and apps at an Affordable Price.

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How ibiixo develop Custom Airbnb Clone?

If you go out to search for Airbnb Clone, you have two options, 1.Readymade Solution & 2. Custom Development. Readymade solutions are never unique, and a custom solution is always costly and time-consuming to develop. To solve this problem.we have designed a unique approach, “Ready to Go” Solution

This allows us to develop custom Airbnb clone much faster and cost-effective. So, you get benefits of both custom development and readymade solution at the same time.

Talk to us to know more about ready to go custom development.

Ready To Go Custom Development


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Benefits of Developing Your Custom Airbnb Clone from ibiixo – Rental Software by ibiixo

How Good is Rental Business Globally?

World is Getting smaller Each day with new Technologies and online Facilitates. It’s an era of C2C Business, this helps Buyers and Sellers or service Providers to directly get in touch and do Business. This is how AIRBNB type Vacation Rental Business or any online Rental Business can make a mark with a open Customer to customer Marketplace.

Success trends of Vacation Rental Industry

There are Many Ambitious Businesses that have been part of Global C2C Marketplace and Particularly in Vacation Rental Industry. This is not the end, there is still a huge Opportunity to Succeed in the online booking Business. Here are some of the successful Businesses with similar Business model and are Growing large and gaining heights.

Get into the list of successful businesses – Get your Custom Airbnb Clone from ibiixo

Request For Proposal
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Admin Features to have in custom airbnb clone

  • Property Management and Listing

  • Integrated Admin Panel for Website and Apps

  • Reports and Statistics

  • Advanced Admin Panel Dashboard

  • Referral program and management

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Smart Tracking

  • Activity Reports

  • Business Reports

  • Account Reports

  • Multiple Language

  • Job Admins

Host Features to have in custom airbnb clone

  • Automated Booking Engine

  • Flexible Pricing Module

  • Attractive host dashboard

  • iCal Calendar Import/Export

  • Listing Performance Analytics

  • Reservation details

  • Listing property

  • GPS coordinates

  • Edit Listing Information/Delete Listing

  • GPS coordinates

  • Street view, Photo grid view

Guest Features to have in custom airbnb clone

  • Flexible pricing options

  • Photo Album

  • Profile

  • Social Login

  • Private Booking

  • Multiple Payment Option

  • Comparison Module

  • Feedback System

  • Grade System

  • Reward Facilities

  • Referral Module

Common Features

  • Sign With Email And Social Account Connect

  • Category Browsing

  • Advanced Search Module

  • Search Result Pages with Sorting Options

  • Contact Sharing Circumvention

  • Effective Listing Detail Pages

Advance Features

  • Multi Language Module

  • Neighbourhoods

  • Groups and Communities

  • Additional Activities Booking

  • Categories

  • Amenities Specification

  • Wish list Creation For Favourite Properties

Security Features

  • Email Verification

  • SQL Secure Structure Of Database

  • CAPTCHA Codes

  • Payment Processing Encryptions

Does ibiixo offers AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)?2017-01-20T11:18:14+00:00

Yes, ibiixo have various options of AMC based on the type of maintenance you require

Do ibiixo provide maintenance support?2017-01-20T11:18:22+00:00

ibiixo provides complimentary maintenance support for any web apps, mobile apps or software been developed for a specific period of time

How can I monitor the progress of the project?2017-01-20T11:18:33+00:00

You will receive daily updates from our automated project management system and with a live URL, you will be able to see and test the new tasks been completed.

How does ibiixo ensures confidentialities?2017-01-20T11:18:43+00:00

We sign NDA for each project with our clients and further with our employees as well. This ensures you complete confidentiality of your business

Do ibiixo Sell Readymade Solution?2017-01-20T11:18:50+00:00

Nopes, we don’t sell readymade website or apps as we don’t believe in creating competition between our own customers by selling the same software to multiple clients

Do I own my website and Apps completely?2017-01-20T11:19:02+00:00

Same Answers as the previous one, yes, you own your software completely

Can we run ibiixo’s AIRBNB clone of multiple domain?2017-01-20T11:19:08+00:00

Oh yes, software is yours so you can run it on n number of domains for your business

Can we customize the source code?2017-01-20T11:19:16+00:00

Ofcourse Yes, it’s your software. We develop it for you, you pay to us for that, it’s all yours.

FAQ regarding custom Airbnb clone by ibiixo