AR Companies

In 1992, the United States Air Force, develop Augmented Reality. Slowly AR has become the technology that we use in our routine life. Mixed Reality and Computer-mediated Reality are two terms that are strongly related to Augmented Reality.

The commercial use of AR Apps was started with the gaming and entertainment business. Later on, AR Companies covers other commercial industries like Tele-communication, Medical, Education, Retail & E-commerce, etc.

With the help of Augmented Reality Companies, information about the real-world has become interactive and digitally manipulated. It can quickly solve problems and enhance user experience in almost every industry.

AR App development transforms the way we use our cell phones, and it also reinvents the way we interact with each other. Also, it influences our shopping experience, an effective way, and has open new doors to entertainment.

Where can the Global AR Companies’ Market reach by 2023?

Since the last decade user’s perception to interact with the virtual world has changed a lot. Every day the use of Augmented Reality Applications is increasing in all sectors.

Augmented Reality Companies’ Market was valued at 4.21 Billion USD in 2017 and expected to reach 60.55 Billion USD until 2023. This significant increase in the market of AR Development is due to increasing interest and investment in AR Technology. Therefore, most companies invest in AR Apps to increase their sales and customer interaction.

In a manner, we showcase product details and its features using AR Technology are just an additional reward to the sales team. Allowing customers to buy products only with one tap helps to increase sales and consumer engagement. Let’s take a look at some of the businesses that have implemented AR App Development.

AR App Development for Retail & ECommerce

It is a human tendency to try things before we buy any products be it clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. But we hate visiting stores and buy things. We prefer online shopping more! The only shortfall of online shopping is we can not try and buy.

How about if we get that facility right at our fingertip in our comfort zone? It is just AMAZING! Right?

Well, Augmented Reality has made it possible for us. In fact, it does not only help while buying clothes or accessories, but it also helps in buying households. We can expect much more growth from AR Development as technology and tools that support AR are more potent than ever before.

AR Companies for Shoes

Vyking, Adidas, Converse, Nike are some of the leading companies that allow us to try a pair of shoes right on our mobile screens. They use immersive technology that enables us to try on kicks from their online catalog.

Augmented Reality Companies for Watch

Watchbox is one of the leading companies for luxurious branded watches. They have implemented AR to improve user experience. They allow us to try a watch we want to purchase on our smartphones.

AR App Development for Eye Glasses

Eye wears are just another thing that we can not buy without trying it on our face. We are always eager to see how it looks on our faces. Using face mapping with Augmented Reality Development, Speqs Eyewear, and Warby Parker provides a facility to try glasses and eye frames on our cell phones.

AR Companies for Clothing

According to some surveys it is found that more than 60% of customers prefer online shopping stores that offer AR experience. Thus with this facility, more than 65% of customers would prefer shopping from the same shop. About 30% of customers would be ready to pay more amount.

Zara is one of the leading clothing stores that display their products with the virtual model, which is visible only through our smartphones.

AR Apps for Furniture

When we buy furniture for our home, we are always unsure about how will it look at our house. Thanks to Augmented Reality Development that allow us to visualize the furniture in the exact space where we want to place it. Ikea and Wayfair are only two companies that offer their customers to visualize the furniture or other households before buying it.

AR App Development for Education

AR Companies could help us a lot in the Education sector. It can make an ordinary classroom to an exciting and engaging experience for students. We can clearly understand it through this proverb, “Tell me I may forget, Show me and I remember. Involve me, and I understand”.

That means that anyone can undoubtedly accept the things that they are visualizing. So AR technology can be more interactive in the classroom and students can quickly grasp the things which they find annoying in their textbooks.

Augmented Reality Development does not only focus on the theories, but it helps students or learners in remembering quickly. Dinosaur 4D+, Elements 4D, Google Expeditions, Human Anatomy Atlas, Touch Surgery are some of the AR Apps that let children learn with fun.

Thus, these applications help students in increasing their memory power as visuals can be more effective than texts. Now it is not a difficult task anymore to get information about anything in detail.

There are still many sectors where AR App Development is influencing. We are learning quickly and also getting entertained with it. As stated above AR market is ever-growing and expected to get high returns out of it.

It would be a preferable time to invest in the Augmented Reality Market and give your business a new path to get succeed. Augmented Reality Companies like Ibiixo has the prowess to built a peculiar AR Apps in any niche market. With an innovative concept, Ibiixo develops an AR App that grows your business.