Why it is the right time to compete in an online restaurant reservation system with OpenTable or Resy?

You must be thinking about how it is a perfect time for developing an online restaurant reservation system? Since there is a pandemic all over yet. But as it is said that, “There is a perfect time for Everything”. And this is the time for restaurant reservation system owner’s to step into the Billion of market.
Let’s see how and why?

Firstly, let us consider customer’s perceptions.

Since due Covid-19, people quarantined at their home for so long are now fed up with such life. They are demanding safe outings at least in their nearby. Nothing more, just weekend parties, dinner with friends, or a family get-together would be more than enough for them.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic situation has changed the mindset of people for visiting restaurants and waiting in queue for their turn. They demand safety nowadays. Also, they are tired of a massive line of restaurants for a meal or to enjoy small parties.

Therefore they prefer an online table reservation app to pre-book a table at their chosen restaurant. Along with that, they also want a table and payment option of their choice.

Secondly, let us consider restaurant owner’s perception of the online restaurant reservation system.

After all, we all know that pandemic has not spared anyone. The whole world got affected by it and so do restaurant owners. As a result, they have seen a tremendous loss in 2020 and can not afford high additional expenses.

Expenses like paying commission to delivery booking apps, table booking apps, restaurant staff management app, etc., are high. However, all these expenses are their needs, but they want to spend a limited amount on it.

Till now, OpenTable, Resy, or a couple of other names are serving the market. However, considering the less competition, they are charging a vast commission for booking a table. Also, they charge high to allow complete access to their platform.

Since restaurant owners are already facing crises, they want someone who can lend them a helping hand at an affordable cost. They want online restaurant reservation systems which do not affect their pocket and also fulfill their needs.

Thirdly, and lastly, considering the restaurant reservation system owner’s perception.

Consider our discussion about how customers need a restaurant reservation app to carve their hunger and spend quality time. Also, keep in mind why restaurant owners need a startup brand for managing their restaurants.

Hence, it is perfect and high time for you to step into the market and compete with OpenTable, Resy, or Eat App. Right now, it is the precise flow to start a custom online restaurant reservation system with enriching features.

So if you are planning to start a restaurant reservation-booking app, Ibiixo is the place for you. Experts at Ibiixo develop a restaurant reservation system similar to OpenTable or Resy with all features you need to have a successful startup.

Get in touch with us to share an idea for an online restaurant reservation system, food delivery app, table booking system, or any other app clone for your restaurant business.

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