How much does it cost to develop a restaurant reservation app?

A high-demand restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app holds the current global value of 2.4 Billion USD and is expected to reach 6.5 Billion USD by 2026. [As per some other sources]

Nowadays, where the whole world’s economy is badly affected, every business owner has one question in mind. It is to invest in which product at this time? Well, Ibiixo has lots of Website and Mobile App Clone development ideas. But at this stage restaurant reservation system or restaurant table booking app is the best for immeasurable return investment.

The time when people used to wait in the queue for their turn in restaurants has disappeared now. Because in this time people want everything to be done at the tap of their finger. The restaurant reservation app similar to OpenTable or Resy has made it possible. They allow people to book their tables at their favorite restaurants within the blink of their eyes.

Not only OpenTable or Resy but also a couple of other names in the restaurant industries have changed the mind of people. Nowadays, people prefer online delivery of food or to pre-book their table before visiting a restaurant. This way, every layperson has adopted changes, so people in business have a great opportunity to invest.

So let’s see which features you can add for multiple user types. Also, we will calculate how much does the basic and advanced restaurant table booking app can cost.

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Essential features for multiple user types:

You must plan all the restaurant table booking app features that are in demand in your town. Here we will discuss all the basic or essential features that are a must in the restaurant reservation app.

Features for customer’s in restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app.

The restaurant table booking will help your customer to book their table with endless facilities. Below listed are very basic features; Ibiixo can add as many as you want.

  • Easy Login/ Signup: Dinners can easily signup with social media accounts, email accounts, or directly through their mobile numbers.
  • Find a Table: Customers can get the best table of their preference according to the function or event on the restaurant table booking app.
  • Split with Multiple Payout Options: Customers must have a split payment facility along with multi-payout options in the restaurant reservation app.
  • Rewards: To grab the dinner’s attraction, you must include referral rewards or discount voucher rewards. It will force them to use your app again.

Features for restaurant owners’ in restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app

The restaurant table booking app will help restaurant owners to manage all on a single platform. Below listed are very basic features; Ibiixo can add as many as you want.

  • Staff Management: With a restaurant table booking app, the restaurant owner can effortlessly manage their customers, kitchen staff, floor staff, etc.
  • Branch Management: They can also manage their multiple branches in multiple cities at a single restaurant reservation app with ease.
  • Inventory Management: Owners of the restaurant can smoothly handle their inventory stock with the smooth-going restaurant table booking app.
  • Complete Analysis & Reports: All the owners can view complete analysis reports of their restaurants, including customer engagement, demand, supply, and much more.

Features for admin or app owners’ in restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app

The restaurant table booking app will help you control customers, restaurant owners, and your staff easily. Below listed are very basic features; Ibiixo can add as many as you want.

  • Easy onboarding &verifying restaurants: The biggest trouble is onboarding staff, restaurant owners, and customers for admin, which will solve with our restaurant reservation app.
  • Complete control over privacy: You, an admin, have total control over the privacy policies in the app and can change at any time as per requirement.
  • A sub-admin module: The restaurant table booking app has an additional facility to control the module that can be used by your various categories of staff and can control it.

How much does it cost to build a restaurant reservation app or restaurant table booking app?

The exact cost of the restaurant reservation application or website depends on the size and features you need. The cost of only an android or iOS app is different, whereas the cost of a website and an app may differ.

The cost of basic features of android and iOS in both mobile and tablet can be around $50,000 – $60,000. On the other hand, a functional restaurant reservation app on android and iOS platforms with advanced features can have an approximate cost of $70,000 – $80,000. It can also have a responsive UI/UX website as an add-on.

SumUp the restaurant reservation app

Every app is customized, and so its cost may vary with its requirements. But to get the best deal with the quality apps in the market, you must get in touch with the experts at Ibiixo. Also, be aware of readymade scripts available in the market that ruins your business idea completely.

Ibiixo believes in custom ready-to-go solutions for the restaurant reservation app. It will be unique yet affordable and quickly developed yet, customized. If you have any idea, be it weird, let’s discuss here and plan a better business for you.