Selling from your own website is better or other’s site is better?

Think if you have smoothed out your production network, and goods are in your distribution center. Or you are ready with your clients who want to list out their services/ products through your medium. At this point, all you need is a website or a platform to sell and make money out of it. Basically, you need an ideal spot to sell out your goods or services.

Subsequently, the unavoidable issue is which is a beneficial website or a platform for you to sell? Right?

Or the question might be as should I sell on other’s platforms or on my own platform to get more benefits? Well, it is the biggest question for all the businessmen, since who is not interested in making more money.!

Likewise, you have the choice to make your website and sell from it. If you have any idea, Ibiixo can help you make a smooth running platform as per your business need. Don’t have any great ideas on your mind? Don’t worry, you can clone any website that is most suitable for your business.

Many platforms have a special place in people’s minds and acquire great names among merchants. Platforms like Airbnb, Thumbtack, Esty, Alibaba, or Amazon don’t need any introduction.

With a client base for pretty much every sort of item, it pulls in the vast majority of the consideration from the client’s and shipper’s point of view. Also, these platforms have an excellent administration system. It also offers a unique framework that manages an online center and overseas it through dealers.

These are the best platforms you can plan to have a clone of it today with Ibiixo. In addition to their features and facilities, you can add your own needs to your platform.

Selling on other’s Website:

For such a vast number of valid reasons, it would seem that a respectable plan to join any trustable platform as a dealer, transfer your items, and begin selling in a hurry. If we talk about properties, Airbnb or Wimdu strikes our mind. For Professional Services, Thumbtack or TaskRabbit strikes our mind. For eCommerce, Esty or Amazon will come across our minds.

If you think about selling your goods through other’s website, you should understand the essentials of the commercial model of eCommerce. A Marketplace is an outsider stage where they permit numerous venders to set up their retail stores and offer to the clients visiting them.

Consequently, the marketplace takes the commission from each deal the merchants make through their platform. They accept some part of your profit.

Pros of selling on other’s website:

  • Get the readymade platform to sell with almost no investment. 
  • Encash on the trust/ goodwill of platform 
  • No SEO requires
  • No stressing over making new policies for the store.

Cons of selling on other’s website:

  • We are paying Commissions to the platform owner.
  • You can not establish your brand or customers.
  • Huge competition.
  • You can not deal with your own rules & regulations.
  • You don’t have privacy regarding your profits, prices, and raw materials.
  • Customers don’t know you personally.
  • You will have a disadvantage if your product is cover with advertisements. It might annoy your customer, and you lose it.

selling from your own website:

Selling on your own website is an extraordinary thing. You get the chance to list your items solely. You can have control over your website management, business procedure, and brand value. For positive or negative, you are liable for everything that you need to do with your business. This way, you can be your Boss.

There are some upsides and downsides at the beginning of an online store. But that’s not a big deal; you have Website Development support of USA-based Ibiixo Technologies.

Suppose if you are into property business or any rental business, you can plan your own Airbnb Clone. If you are into any goods business and need the B2C platform, design your own Alibaba Clone today with Ibiixo. If you want to list your or other’s professional services to your platform, you can plan for a Thumbtack Clone.

Pros of own platform:

  • Total control with all Authorities.
  • It gives you the right to check out the customer’s insights (their likes or dislikes).
  • It can lead you to earn goodwill in the eCommerce market.
  • You can have flexibilities over marketing.
  • Total Profit margin can be yours.
  • You can have your own policies for dealing with your consumers.
  • Also, you can build a brand and be on the fortune 500 lists.
  • Your customers know you personally.
  • You can decide your rates for your products.
  • Even you can offer others to list on your platform and make several dealers.
  • You can have other income like a commission from dealers, advertisements on your platform, etc.

Cons of own platform:

  • You need time management.
  • Investment for your business.
  • Tie-up with payment gateways.

Make a Call:

As per the Survey by UK eCommerce Business owners in 2019, 20% consider selling on other’s platforms, whereas 46% choose to sell on their website.

Also, you have seen the pros and cons of both. You can compare both and think the best for your business as you are the sole authority to decide best about your business.

After comparing the pros and cons of selling on your own website or selling on other’s platforms, what is your primary concern? Is it form the development part? Or is it from the investment part? — No worries when you have a fantastic Business Development and Website Development Partner like Ibiixo on your side.

If you are thinking over the investment, or the developing part, Ibiixo Technologies can be the best partner for your startup. With us, you would only concentrate on the planning of your business.

It would help if you stayed focused on the marketing plans of your marketplace platform. And we will develop & execute your project to help you make a brand. Like Amazon, Esty, Airbnb, Thumbtack, etc., you can also be in the Fortune 500 companies with Ibiixo.