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A huge successful model of Uber Taxi opens a door for you to start growing your business bigger with Uber Clone app. Do you wish to empower your business with the taxi app clone like Uber?


To Know more about Ready to go Custom Development


Do you wish to be on the list of top taxi booking apps like uber and other international cabs?

Get started with Ibiixo’s “custom ready-to-go solution” for On-demand taxi booking service. Unlike cheap readymade scripts, Ibiixo offers high-end features with unique custom ready-to-go solution. Therefore, it gives you a unique uber clone application that is custom developed at much faster than the traditional method.

At Ibiixo, we do develop apps considering not just your needs but the actual need of your business. Hence, we built a unique application for each of our clients, and don’t sell ready-made scripts. Yes, you got it right. Each uber clone is unique for all our customers.


In 2009, uber introduced its taxi booking application. It’s mobile app allows users to request a trip and pay online. It has enhanced its branches to almost every country. Seeing the growth of uber taxi booking, On demand apps services have also increased its scope.

All cabs running business who wish to be a part of huge growth in the ride-hailing industry needs taxi booking app similar to uber. Developing a taxi booking application similar to uber is not an easy task. However, if you choose Ibiixo’s “custom ready-to-go solution” for uber clone, you will get perfect solution. We can be your next service provider by delivering you a complex uber clone just as the way you want.


Wondering What is Ready to Go Solution?

Why Choose Ibiixo for uber clone app development?

Many taxi and ground transportation companies started working with uber clone app. Because a huge number of population is dependent on the vehicle for transportation. So the demand for taxi app clone along with competition out there in the market is being healthy. In such a situation you can not go for the script available in the market.

If you want your application to take place on user’s home screen; get a custom, unique, and generous features-rich taxi app software. Get taxi app that generate revenue just like Uber, sterling Cabs, Taxi Code and many other top-rated cabs. To get all these is only possible with Ibiixo’s Ready to Go Solution. Check some of the reasons to go with our solution:

We are a leading uber clone app development company that never sell Readymade scripts. We believe that it creates competition among our clients, and none of them can have a scope to take place in the market.

Wondering how it is possible? Get uber like app development with our ready to go solution can fulfil your business needs yet in your budget
We do not resell scripts. With us, it’s 100% unique still it is in your budget.
We believe in custom development, but it can be too costly and time taking process for you. So we provide Custom Ready To Go solution which has benefits of both Custom development and Readymade scripts.
We are not limited to any technology platform. For uber clone app development we use the technology platform that you need.
No tricky custom development framework, get complete control on your Uber clone.



How good is Taxi Booking Business Globally?

It’s the era of on-demand services, and the industry got this idea from the on-demand taxi booking facility. The oldest and most widely used on demand service in the world is on-demand taxi booking like Uber. And it’s still on the phase of start in many parts of the world. There is a considerable scope of similar businesses around the globe.

Further, as more people are moving to use mobile for their day to day needs, the on-demand business has a long run to go and earn more revenues. It’s high time for you to start your uber lik app with the uber clone by Ibiixo and dominate the competition.

What do we provide in Uber Clone app development?

We provide custom uber clone solution wholly based on your requirements to get a unique application in the market. The uber like app is a quick custom development with our unique ready to go solution. Ready to go solution helps you to bring down the development cost, development time yet give you a custom uber clone.

What don’t we provide?

We don’t sell readymade scripts through which you can start a business on the next day. Running a business on a cheap readymade script is the worst idea you could think of for business. Readymade scripts can only perform well for the mid-term assignments of college not into the serious business. Because the same usual features with little change in UI is sold to everyone. It doesn’t allow anyone to lead the market.

Key Features – To make a difference to your Company

We are not just developers! We are business minds too. So, we can concentrate on the things which no developers do. Developing your on-demand taxi app from ibiixo gets you peace of mind.

  • Highly Secured
    Security is the primary concern, and we don’t compromise it for some features to add.
  • Flawless
    It’s just not enough to have all the features but more important is to have your Uber clone easy to use.
  • Lower Power Consumption
    With all the features in your Uber clone app, you get an app which drains low power of your phone.

  • Low Storage Consumption
    The app use less storage, less memory and can run on devices with modest configuration.

Do you think it is in any way possible to have a site like uber in $1500 or $2000?
If you are a true businessman and know that readymade scripts are not for real business, We surely have a connection.


  • Add Emergency Contact
    Facility to add emergency contact for the users to have their safer ride.
  • Panic Button
    The panic button for users and drivers allows them to alert their emergency contact and admin with their location in the uber clone.
  • Offline mode
    Facility for users to run the app in offline mode once the ride has already started.
  • Long Trips
    Facility for users to book multi-city rides and facility for drivers to accept multi-city rides in the uber clone.
  • Recurring Trips
    Facility for the users and drivers to book and accept recurring trips.
  • Business bookings
    Custom uber clone by ibiixo allows companies to book rides for their employees and also book daily pick-up and drop.

Other useful Features you can get in Custom Ready to Go Uber Clone – Ibiixo

  • Attractive Admin Dashboard
  • Rich Text Editor
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • User Management
  • Multi-Language (LTR) Management with Constants
  • Location/Region Management
  • Service Categories and Subcategories Management
  • Request Form Management
  • Credit Package Management
  • View Payment History of users
  • Best Advance Navigation Panel
  • Customizable Notification
  • Accurate Location
  • Choose Car Type
  • Live Traffic updates
  • Easy Payments
  • Estimated Fare
  • Time Estimation
  • Customer Profile
  • Requests Posted by Customer
  • Accept/Reject Quotes of Service Providers
  • Explore Service Categories and Subcategories
  • Change Password
  • Manage Email Notifications Settings
  • Give Review and rating to Service provider after trip completion
  • Request new Service by Filling Required Details of Form
  • Login and Sign Up with Email
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Feedback and Review System
  • Secure & Bug-Free Release
  • Email Confirmation
  • Remember Me Option
  • Password Recovery
  • Flag Service
  • Quick Contact us Form for Users
  • Email Verification
  • SQL Secure Structure Of Database
  • Database Indexing for Fast Page Loading
  • On-Page SEO
  • Social Bookmarking

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